Brazil – ready or not here we come!

Nigeria 2014 World Cup Brazil

Posted: 21 November 2013 Time: 06:57 am

Hmm, where’s the shortest route to Brazil? Via Dubai with Emirates, or Jozi with SAA? Now where’s that direct flight by Arik to Sao Paulo!

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I had no doubt in my mind we were going to qualify for Brazil. I mean, how can we not! We are Nigeria, they are Ethiopia. They’ve got coffee, we’ve got crude oil. They’re 90 million people (what the hell?!), we are closer to 200 million.

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They got Ethiopia Airline, we’ve got…well, two armoured-plated BMWs! They should have had more sense than to turn up for the match. At least not in Calabar. They eat dogs in that town for Pete’s sake! And antelopes look like dogs when you’re really hungry. There was never going to be a fairy tale in that city, no reverberating upset as fodder for journalists. THIS IS SPARTA! Er, Calabar, actually.

If anything, the match was a bit of a disappointment. I’d expected more fight and fire from Ethiopia, the sort they gave us in Addis. But of course they had no high altitude to appeal to, and even then we still whooped their skinny butts in their backyard. They can be proud of themselves though. They got into a position to jostle with Nigeria for a World Cup spot. That in itself is an accomplishment, the opportunity for a squirrel to share the same turf with a lion. By same token however, they should curse the luck that pitched them against The Eagles.

So anyways, Brazil, here we come. I do not expect any preparation for that World Cup whatsoever on our part. No friendlies, no casing of oppositions and no rigorous team selection. No need to do anything. I don’t care. All I need the Eagles to do is just show up at Brazil. I needed to give the missus a good reason to be in that delectable country and the Eagles helped a brother out. Doesn’t matter if we lose all our group matches and are out of the tournament. Seven days is fine enough for me over there! I know some people who know some people that are chummy with the people who make things happen over there.

Ah shucks! Of course I want the Eagles to do well. I’m patriotic. The longer the Eagles stay in Brazil. The longer I can too. Giving them all the moral support and shouting myself hoarse at the turnstile. God knows we need some happy time in this country. I’m the keenest to see the Eagle’s preparation calendar and will be scrutinising every player mentioned in connection with the squad. I feel we’ve got a second chance to do well on home soil after the failure of South Africa in 2010. Brazil should be welcoming to the African teams.

Here’s some horrible thought; what if we are put in the same group with Brazil and say Belgium? Or Holland, Italy and Colombia? The heads of our ancestors shall not desert us!

Did you know that it’s about 15 hours of non-stop flight from Dubai to Sao Paulo and about 13 hours if you go via Schipol or Charles de Gaulle? It’s just under 10 hours if you fly via Johannesburg though. We can’t wait!

Senegal vs Cote d’Ivoire
My sympathies to the Teranga Lions. That’s what happens when you screw up in first legs. They came within a goal of knocking The Elephants of Cote d’Ivoire out. But fortunes favour the brave. But boy, if that was not some frenetic match! You get the sense the Senegalese could have played that match for seven hours! Watching the match, I wondered if the Eagles could have coped with that sort of tempo.

The victor though, is Africa, as the better and the stronger of the two teams is will be toting the continent’s flag in Brazil. Uncle Didier and crew still boast arguably the strongest and most star-studded squad on the continent. They’d better not let us down!

Cameroon vs Tunisia
Between the Cameroonian FA trying to assassinate him and Head Coach Volker Finke instructing his players not to pass to him, Bros Eto’o did let bygones be bygones and led the Indomitable Lions to an impressive 4-1 on aggregate win over the Carthage Eagles of Tunisia (wanna-be Eagle, that bird!)

We got to watch out for that Benjamin Moukandjo lad. His goal, Cameroon’s second, was an absolute display of skill and talent. Tormented the Tunisian’s all day long and was electrifying. Turn in that kind of display in Brazil, son, and you won’t be in Nancy for long. My money is on you.

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posted: 07:16am 21/11/2013
It is impossible for Nigeria to be in the same group with Brazil and Belgium at the same time since both of those teams are seeded.

The eight seeds:
posted: 07:20am 21/11/2013
@ Jide Alade. It is ABSOLUTELY disappointing to write such an unprofessional, rude, & crude article. Collin Udoh!!! please do not allow this type of editorial in this KON forum.
Omo 9ja
posted: 07:28am 21/11/2013
Infact, Ethiopia asked for the battle they can't finished. They prayed to God they wanted to play against Nigeria & God did & answered their prayer. But in d end, they fail themselves. Next time, they will know their level. God bless Nigeria!!!
posted: 07:46am 21/11/2013
This article is in no way rude whatsoever
Super Green
posted: 07:52am 21/11/2013
Great read...
posted: 07:54am 21/11/2013
@denonso....cant u see is a comic article? ???? wa for u oooo....
mhen ...cnt stop laffing....LOLZZZ .....HAHAHA hahaha .....i love dis joor....nice one writer! !!
posted: 08:02am 21/11/2013
@panache.....dont mind dis guys that re always dissentful and frustrated!!!.....nothing seems to be good in their eyes ....i dont believe them, is usually hardship nd frustration that causes it
Me,myself and I
posted: 08:26am 21/11/2013
My people Kelechi Iheanacho needs our help against amuneke what happened to Sunday MBA is about to happen to kelechi, even it was quoted that Keshi is also a big problem, pls my people stand up against all this bribery and corruption.
posted: 08:48am 21/11/2013
As the SE continue to strike the right balance things will surely get better. Based on their last display with Italy, certain issues arise. As important as Mikel is to the current success of the team, he was holding on to the ball for too long instead of quickly passing it during Nigerian counter attacks. In addition he gave the ball away far too often for a player of his experience and he left too much recovery work for Onazi as a result. A couple of other things: The Super Eagles are usually slow starters and tend to concede early goals, which is something Keshi needs to work on. In addition the team needs to tighten up their game with more accurate passes and clinical finishing. Without being insulting, I would say that I saw better ball control and more quality passes in the Under-17 team, than I saw in the Super Eagles during the match with Italy. However they seem to be moving in the right direction and all credit must go to Keshi for that.
posted: 09:16am 21/11/2013
"They got Ethiopia Airline, we’ve got…well, two armoured-plated BMWs! They should have had more sense than to turn up for the match. At least not in Calabar. They eat dogs in that town for Pete’s sake! And antelopes look like dogs when you’re really hungry. There was never going to be a fairy tale in that city, no reverberating upset as fodder for journalists. THIS IS SPARTA! Er, Calabar, actually.\"------ Collin Udoh.


Mr. Editor,

Yours above is gutter journalism in its most unrefined shape. Its very much in bad taste and quite unbecoming of a professional. I am disappointed in the same measure that I believe that many will rue the filth you wrote up there.

This is the lowest I've seen a journalist in many years!

"Knowledge is like onyx. One digs deep to have it.\"
posted: 09:17am 21/11/2013
Very unprofessional writing. Too bad.
posted: 09:22am 21/11/2013
This is the lowest I've seen a journalist DESCEND in many years!

"Knowledge is like onyx. One digs deep to have it.\"
posted: 09:25am 21/11/2013
With a lucky draw like say...( Nigeria, U.S, Colombia & England) or ( Greece, Nigeria, Costa Rica & Iran) or (South Korea, Russia, Nigeria & Hondoras )

Remember no same countries from same continent.
With a draw like that, we can win our group, get a 2nd place team in round of 16 (avoiding the likes of Germany, Spain, Brasil) and then see what happens.
I hope for a lucky draw.....Luck goes a long way.
posted: 09:57am 21/11/2013
I dont care any group or what so ever i find Nigeria, all i knw is that we must surely go pass the group stage and who knows, all thw way to the fanal........
posted: 09:59am 21/11/2013
@uzo dont u think playing south korea,hunduras,USA n ther likes wl fustrate SE.we do well when we r facing tough oppositions remember CIV @ d last ACN.france 98 had spain,paraguay n bulgary n we qualified.look @ d last worldcup,after playin nice against Argentina we fell like a pack of card against less fancied teams lik s.korea n Greece.pls SE needs to b in dsame group wt Germany,chile n japan to perform
posted: 10:15am 21/11/2013
In the game against the Italians, these were Eagles' flaws:
1) THEY LOSE POSSESSION TOO EASILY: The annoying mistake of carelessly passing the ball to an opponent) whenever you gain possesion try to hold on to it as much as possible. This will frustrate your opponents and calm down their morale.
2) NO OR LITTLE SUPPOR FOR THE DEFENDERS: You see, the fact that our midfielders rarely run back to protect the helpless defenders is not helping the team at all. This is why we missed an opportunity of a famous defeat of the Azurris. That is why our midfielders should have a share in the blame of the defenders. Our defence was too exposed to cope with the Azurris' attacking pressure. That led to that cheap goal we conceded. When you are in the lead, your defensive midfielders have no business in moving upfield to attack all the time, but concentrate more on the defence.
3) THE EAGLES ARE A POOR COUNTER ATTACKING TEAM: (Thanks to Mikel) I must admit that if not for the sluggishnes of Mikel, we would have won the game. Mikel Obi is a great midfielder, but his sluggishness is his biggest enemy. He is a poor counter-attacker. This is why I am not suprised Ramires is seen a pillar of the Chelsea midfield ahead of him. I would suggest Keshi draft him upfront as an AM- for he is a gifted passer with outstanding vision.
If Keshi can abolish all these hazardous demerits, we will be the biggest threat, if not a contender for the throphy, to the other teams in the biggest football mundial in the world, comming up next summer. Thanks
posted: 11:58am 21/11/2013
Jigsaw, all the points u mentioned in your comment i agree with. but to counter attack your opponent, you do it as a team. both the strikers and the attacking mildfilders needs to sprint to out number the opposing defenders. I don't believe that eagles not counter attacking was Mikel's fault.
posted: 08:13pm 21/11/2013
Nigeria will be in Group D with ...USA ,Russia, Chile ...
posted: 09:57pm 21/11/2013
Simply put!!! Mikel is very much going to be a problem in SEs choosing to be attacking team because the guy has PROBLEM releasing the ball on time, and he can't return defend. Bottom-line Nigeria is the most unprepared nation in Brasil 2014 so far. This believe was allotted by ESPN_SOCCER analysts Shaka Hislop, Gab Marcotti, John Burley, & others. Why is that? We do not have a stable first 11, and no bench to compliment the wobbly starters. The SEs ball control and passing is very shameful compared to other teams in Brasil and our dearest U17.
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