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Nigeria Ethiopia 2014 World Cup qualifiers

Posted: 19 September 2013 Time: 07:31 pm

Nigeria’s contingent to the first leg of the 2014 FIFA World Cup qualifier against Ethiopia will travel on a chartered aircraft. 

Emmanuel Ikpeme, head of the NFF's Technical Department, tells KickOffNigeria.com that it was to counter the effects of altitude on the squad.

“It is common knowledge that there are two ways of counter acting the effects of high altitude,” Ikpeme began. “Either to travel at least two weeks in advance, or go there 24 hours before the game.

“Obviously we cannot have all our players for two weeks before the game, so they will all report in Nigeria, train here and then fly to Ethiopia on a chartered aircraft that will convey our entire delegation.

“That will give them a chance to train on the pitch the day before and then play the game the next day.”

The last time both countries met in Addis Ababa, the itinerary was similar, although a refuelling stop-over at Entebbe in Uganda meant the team only arrived hours to kick off and were fortunate to escape with a 2-2 draw.

Article by: Colin Udoh

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posted: 07:49pm 19/09/2013
Good luck super eagles!! But NFF pls let there be no re-fuelling issues this time around o! Abeg make una make a water-tight arrangement this time o! There may not be a second chance to make amends. God bless nigeria,God bless keshi,God bless u all!
posted: 08:03pm 19/09/2013
This is a smart preparation, nice decision. I'm glad to see they are wary of the weather. Nice job.
posted: 08:25pm 19/09/2013
Don't just wary of the weather ,also wary of giantkiller Walyas who eliminated the likes of SA from the final round!!LONG LIVE ETHIOPIA ,WIN FOR THE WALYA!!!!!!!!!!!!
posted: 08:32pm 19/09/2013
BREAKING NEWS ..The Ethiopian coach just made a briefing before the major clash that he will be using his B TEAM for both leg ties....The A TEAM will be saved for Brazil. The decision was made to avoid unnecessary injuries..!!!LONG LIVE ETHIOPIA ,WIN FOR THE WALYA!!!
posted: 09:19pm 19/09/2013
Hahahaha... Mr PROUD ETHIOPIAN, you must be a comedian. In fact you are the biggest dreamer I've met In my life. Hahaha I cant stop laughing. Even our home based Eagles team is enough to dispatch your minnow Ethiopian team. And wait a second, did you mean beating your Class-mate Bafana Banana is an achievement? Any ####### team here in Africa can defeat them, anywhere! Haha I'm still cant stop laughing...
Black Lion
posted: 09:57pm 19/09/2013
Our Nov and Oct specials **** Hot Wings**** Coz we gonna fry Eagles ..... Sorry we can't sell you the head and feet because we want them to do the shame walk with their heads down out of Ethiopian National stadium
posted: 10:44pm 19/09/2013
@proudly Ethiopian. I can confidently tell you that our U17 team currently preparing for their worldcup can give your black lions a run for their money.Even our super falcons currently preparing for the double header friendlies against Japan can play your black lions to a standstill in Addis abbaba. Don't overrate your team.
posted: 11:27pm 19/09/2013
This proudly Ethiopian must be someone that I know.... You are so funny as S h i t. I like your confidence but it can't take you to the world cup cos your manager himself knows he can't make it. Saintcounterfiet coach of Malawi roar more than you but at last he credited our players as the best team. So, Proudly Ethiopian a beg go sit down on top a sharp nail and lemme hear word.

Mucho Gracias

- Joe Blackman :)
posted: 12:12am 20/09/2013
So we are planning to arrive 24 hours before the game again? Looks like we have not learned from last time.
posted: 12:30am 20/09/2013
What a stupid plan by a stupid FA that is riddled with stupid intentions all the time!
Mr Ikpeme, according to FIFA rule, we are entitled to all our players seven days before the kickoff of the match in Addis Ababa. Why do you wish to arrive there in 24 hours?

We can set our camp in Kenya, Eritrea or Djibouti that has the same climate as Ethiopia and travel to Addis Ababa two days before the match. That's how sensible FAs plan.

Where is Emmanuel Ikpeme on the map of Nigerian football? What is his pedigree to justify his present office in Nigerian football? Assuming your argument on combatting the effects of altitude adds up ( I submit that there is no scientific conclusion anywhere to support your claim), what about the question of fatigue and jet-lag that the players need to endure prior to such important football cracker?

Do you people think through your anus?

"Knowledge is like onyx. One digs deep to have it.\"
posted: 01:48am 20/09/2013
There is nothing wrong in dreaming. However, medically , certain dreams could be symptoms of illness especially with proper diagnosis and accurate prognosis . The Ethiopian Man may have contracted malaria resulting to 'high fever'.

@Coache, I saw your post earlier but couldn't respond to it. Nawa for you sef . Why do you keep including me in this 'your' Siasia Vs Keshi debate ??
My interest lies with the progress of the Super Eagles . Based on my personal assessment, Keshi has scored 8/10 .

Giovani Elber was a hero at Bayern Munich but never made it with the Brazilian national team, did it mean that Mario Zagalo wasn't a good coach ( for ignoring him ) ????

Keshi has given Nigerians results, fact. Gone are the days when players were strolling around the pitch like pregnant women and giving millions of Nigerias cardiac-arrest. The present set of Eagles play with passion and love for the Green White Green. Fighting to retain possession and chasing loose balls like their lives is dependent upon it.

Some of us that live in Ghana can now proudly beat our chest in front of Ghanaians ( which we couldn't do before).

I made a brief trip out of Ghana during the Afcon period and when I came back, one of my friends narrated a funny incident that took place after Nigeria won the Afcon. He said : \" I went to the Bank to do a transaction , the staff attending to me demanded for my International passport for identification, I gave her the passport and she was rough handling my passport and I cautioned her to give respect to the passport because it is a CHAMPION PASSPORT\" .

Stephen Keshi, thanks for restoring Nigeria's pride. God bless you.

@Val, My Oga , I'm 'clinically fine. How are you 'clinically' doing ? I miss your 'clinical' comments and unbiased analysis. Remain blessed bro.
posted: 11:33am 20/09/2013
Its a good news for Ethiopia that the SE are arriving 24 hrs before the game....we can actually rest TEAM B and have the women national team play against u guys......oppppppppps i forgot that its against FIFA rule...kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk!!
posted: 11:40am 20/09/2013
@Blackman 101....i see some dust on ur eyeglasses. ...man u got clean that up so i can see better....The Malaw team that u beat is not even close and the Kenyan team that u drew is way under Ethiopia....Ethiopia would beat both with a better goal margin!!
posted: 12:49pm 20/09/2013
Guys I suspect that this Proudly Ethiopian guy is really not an Ethiopian. He's hiding under that cover to provoke arguments. You can agree with me that his thoughts do not make sense at all. The best is just to ignore him or better still, I would take them as mere jokes to lighten up the atmosphere...
posted: 01:54pm 20/09/2013
How the F..k do expect to fly in to Ethiopia and train and then play a crucial world cup qualifier with 24hrs? did you forgot that there is something medically called jetlag? this country's FA never learn...its almost like we are ready to throw the match before its even played.....This is exactly why i worry about playing this sneaky Ethiopians ....
posted: 01:56pm 20/09/2013
Ethiopians don't use computer.
posted: 02:50pm 20/09/2013
Why worry about Ethiopia, what do people think aboiut SE.
Naija falcon
posted: 03:26pm 20/09/2013
Ehiopia 0-4 Nigeria
posted: 03:39pm 20/09/2013
Its a good news for Ethiopia that the SE are arriving 24 hrs before the game....we can actually rest TEAM B and have the women national team play against u guys......oppppppppps i forgot that its against FIFA rule...kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk!!
posted: 03:47pm 20/09/2013
@ Sho
Computer is legal in Ethiopia but not drugs.
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