Mikel going nowhere – agent

John Mikel Obi not leaving Chelsea

Posted: 28 August 2013 Time: 06:24 pm

Midfielder John Mikel Obi will not be leaving Chelsea, at least not during this transfer window, according to his agent John Shittu.

Mikel, 26, has been heavily linked with Turkish club Galatasaray throughout the summer, with Russian club Anzhi Makhachkala and Italian side Napoli also emerging as late entrants for his services.

But Shittu told KickOffNigeria.com on Wednesday that the Nigerian is going nowhere.

“He loves this club, the manager knows him and likes him and he will not be going anywhere during this transfer window,” he insists.

Shittu admits that there had been interest in the player, but all suitors have been rebuffed by Chelsea and he denies that it was ever a question of the club’s valuation not being met.

“Some clubs came in and expressed their interest but that is where it stopped. They were never allowed to get to the point where we could even begin to start talking about valuation or negotiation.”

Mikel has barely featured for the Blues this season, his only appearance being a cameo role in the last few minutes of Chelsea’s 0-0 draw against Manchester United.

Shittu explains that it is down to match fitness.

“He didn’t have a proper pre-season because he got a couple of weeks extra due to his Confederations Cup participation and then an injury so he is not fully match fit.

“When he starts playing is down to the manager, but as soon as he gets his match fitness back, he will be in contention.”

With Shittu being so categorical about the midfielder not leaving this window, there is the suggestion that he could perhaps leave in January.

“We cannot say what will happen in the future. This is football and anything is possible. But for now, he is a Chelsea player, and is happy to remain a Chelsea player for the rest of his career.”


Article by: Colin Udoh

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posted: 06:40pm 28/08/2013
wat a complete player he is now. chelsea should play him more than pretenders of schurrle,oscar n de bruynne.
posted: 06:54pm 28/08/2013
Oga Shittu nawa o. Get Mikel a better deal please. We Nigerians want see him in an attacking role.
Michael Emenalo shouldn't chicken out because of Mourinho, he should protect the interest of Nigerian players ( Moses,Mikel and Omeruo). May be as a smart Aba boy ( Emenalo), he'll be reticent until Mourinho fails and be the first to recommend sack for him.
posted: 06:55pm 28/08/2013
* want to see *
posted: 06:57pm 28/08/2013
Mikel will finish all of them in the middlefield... defensively
posted: 07:02pm 28/08/2013
Mr Shittu.. help this great player and land him a better offer in another club, b4 Mourinho will kill his carrier. He has outstayed his welcome in Chelsea... unless u want him to captain Chelsea someday
posted: 07:22pm 28/08/2013
posted: 07:26pm 28/08/2013
What people fail to acknowledge all the time on this issue of Mikel v. Chelsea is where Mikel's interest lies. We ( Nigerian fans and his fans around the world) can't love Mikel more than he loves himself. This dude from the word go (when Man. United battled with Chelsea for his signature ) remained emphatic about his choice of Chelsea and desire to become one of the greats at Stamford Bridge.

Many people thought he was not going to break into the first team of Chelsea coinsidering the galaxy of stars Chelsea paraded at the time. But, year in and out, Mikel continues to prove them wrong. It is not difficult for a manager to jettison a player if he is surplus to requirement. But, Mou has not clearly done that; either with Moses or Mikel. In fact no manager at Stamford Bridge thought it anything wise to dispense with Mikel because was and continues to be the spine of the team. That's the truth.

Mikel WANTS to be a Chelsea player. Chelsea agrees with him on that. He is satisfied with his pay, how he is valued and used in the team etc. If he retires today, he is certainly going to Chelsea's Hall of Fame without a doubt.

So, all his fans MUST understand this fact and allow him the space to enjoy his life, football and fortune which came through Chelsea. Again, we can't love him more than he loves himself. He is one smart kid that is fully in control of his judgements and destiny.

Enough said!

\"Knowledge is like onyx. One digs deep to have it.\"
Dr Khoza
posted: 07:51pm 28/08/2013
Galatasaray could be a good move in terms of monetary factors and I'm sure game time is guaranteed too.
posted: 07:51pm 28/08/2013

I have played football in a club before. Sometimes you have to think whats best for your career it doesnt matter if you love your current team. Who the hell is Van Ginkel and who do you think play better defence Mikel or Ramires? Who plays better offensiv Lampard or Ramires? You see now you know why Mikel belongs in the starting eleven with Lampard
posted: 08:18pm 28/08/2013
In addition to what he brings to the table, I as a manager will also take a kpomo over a glass. Mr Mikel is a durable lad for the role he plays for Chelsea, only 1-2 weeks injury concern over a season. Every coach will want such a player. Essien is fragile, Oriel Romeu is fragile too. So Mikel will continue to wear blue for a while and despite his fans wanting a more advanced role for him in Chelsea, he'd still be the holding mid fielder unless HE desires something else somewhere else.
posted: 08:30pm 28/08/2013
Right on bro! It is not the Nigerian spirit to cut and run because we fear competition. If Chelsea like let them clone the greatest midfielders ever known to planet earth, you stay and fight. It is only after you fight without success or being apppreciated that you may consider other options. It is no different from the stories of millions of other Nigerians making their mark locally and in the diaspora. In some of my senior college classes I was the only black student and during post graduate school it was even worse. But it never crossed my mind to cut and go to a historically black college just so I could pull my weight. No, Naija fears no one, it's not in our DNA, we fight, fight, fight and we fight again. That's the Nigerian spirit!
Me,myself and I
posted: 09:16pm 28/08/2013
People should take it easy, for over a week and half mikel obi has been suffering from stomach flu, this has prevented him in playing in South Africa, if he is not fit to play for Nigeria then he is not fit enough to play for club, as he recovers the club coach has to ease him in slowly and carefully that is how to manage a player.
posted: 09:45pm 28/08/2013
@wahala! and Me, Myself . . .

Thanks for your incisive perspectives on this issue. We fight as Nigerians and we want to fight to win. That's our spirit. Mikel is not different from anyone of us. He is simply exhibiting that trait. same goes for Emenal who has been pushed to the precipice by different coaches in that team. But, he remains resolute in the same way he fought his way into SE first team, albeit as a late entry player, at US 94 Mundial.

Mikel loves challenges, but in a great team. He loves it at Chelsea, the team loves him too until they clearly say otherwise; and people should respect that.

@Blackpanther187: How can anyone, except Mikel who has fought and won many football wars at Chelsea, possibly know what in Mikel's mind is best for Mikel? Who ever makes such claims is certainly under some obsessive-compulsive disorder and that's dangerous for Mikel's health and well being.

People should let this dude live his life. None of us owns him.

"Knowledge is like onyx. One digs deep to have it.\"
Me,myself and I
posted: 10:15pm 28/08/2013
Mikel Obi will play a very big role this season for Chelsea fc, going by the game against Man U, José Mourinho have learnt a lot from his time in Spain, especially playing against Barcelona fc, and also watching Spain national time, he has started to incorporate playing without natural strikers, only playing just midfielders, so if he continues with this trust me mikel will have a lot of playing time as a holding midfielder with over 80-90% pass accuracy, Jose Mourinho knows mikel more than we know mikel and besides that they have over 60 game in less than 7 months to play this season that's over 6-8 games in a month he can't play them all.
posted: 11:10pm 28/08/2013
I think that John Mikel Obi, has the final say to all these issues.
posted: 11:10pm 28/08/2013
good point @Me,myself and I,,but the fact is Mikel should leave Chelsea
he can be useful to other team as attacking midfielder not a holding midfielder as many reclassify him to ,,watch Him over and over again during the confederation-cup in Brazil
you will understand were am coming from% mikel is a classic natural gifted underrated player too big to seat on the bench for Oscar
posted: 11:29pm 28/08/2013

Yes it sound funny what I sayin but its a fact. Mikel loves Chelsea and played almost his whole career at chelsea.. But by the way Jose used him recently.... I dont know, it made me scared. If Mikel spend the season on the bench it would be unfair in my opinion. But lets wait and see.. How things will go. The season will be a long one for Chelsea and Jose can never just use 1 starting-line-up
posted: 02:13am 29/08/2013
\"His only appearance being a cameo role in the last few minutes of Chelsea's 0-0 draw against Manchester United\". If not for Mikel Chelsea will lose that game, he came in and brought stability into the midfield. He blocked a goal bound volley by Robin Van Persie. As we all know Chelsea under Mourinho Is a defensively minded team that's why Mikel will definitely get more playing time this season. He was being left out for fitness reasons, and it seems he's regained full fitness. ABINIBI IS TOTALLY DIFFERENT FROM ABILITY.
posted: 02:51am 29/08/2013
@Everyone here.
We all have our viewpoints. But let me caution that what makes a person can also be their greatest downfall. For example, a person may like to drink alcohol, or may like to drive fast cars, but alcohol ruin lives, and speed kills. So we should be careful how strongly we say we like/love things, and be wise enough to see how such things may impact our lives in the future.
Yes Mikel may love Chelsea, but I hope he not too blinded by that love.
No matter what is said, Mikel’s coach has the final say whether to us him or not, regardless of how good he is. We have all seen where a new coach surprisingly fail to see the quality in some players and sells them.
Mikel is so consistently top class, that I’m confident he can play for any (yes, any) national team in the world. I think his superior ball-handling skills would be most welcomed in the Spanish national team- i.e. he would easily fit in.
Mikel rarely makes a single mistake in a whole match. He almost never loses possession of the ball, and is supremely consistent. I pray for God’s wisdom for him. Wishing him the best.
posted: 05:09am 29/08/2013
Good to know. He would be featured most of this season. He would also score his goal for Chelsea soon.
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