Eagles set bonus row aside

Posted: 27 June 2014 Time: 03:16 pm

Nigeria captain Joseph Yobo says the Super Eagles have put their bonus row aside and will concentrate on the task of beating France on Monday.

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Players skipped training on Thursday as they demanded for the payment of their appearance bonus for making it out of the first round of the World Cup.

The squad had agreed a graduated percentage payment for each stage, and the players wanted the first instalment, for reaching the round of 16, paid.

Yobo says the players have resolved to the issue behind them and focus on football.

"We are here to play for our country," he told KickOffNigeria.com.

"I can tell you as team captain that the team will travel to Brasilia today and we will train, and play against France."

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The squad are scheduled to depart from Campinas at 2PM local time (6PM Nigeria time), and Yobo insists there will be no further issues.

"We will be on that plane. And we will train today."


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Article by: Colin Udoh

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posted: 03:13pm 27/06/2014
Thank you. Trust me, do well and Nigerians will make sure you get your bonus. Please don't crush the hopes of 170 Million people over the issue of money.
posted: 03:16pm 27/06/2014
Hmmmn, all of u should remember france 98 and not allow history repeat itself.
Having said that, I dont know why impeccable administration and organisation is impossible in africa, shame on nff
posted: 03:21pm 27/06/2014
That is how patriotic a man should be for his country. You are a soldier. Thanks Yobo!
posted: 03:22pm 27/06/2014
Some people think winning is just getting the athletes on the field and thats it, NEGATIVE, winning starts from the top. the very top.
All these distractions, bonus/pay rows, owing the coach, interfering with the team selection, it cant help winning.
Our athletic official who's jobs should be:
scouting Nigerian players home and abroad and bringing the OPTIONS to the coach to make HIS OWN selections.
Making sure money issues are sorted
Making sure the players and coaches have everything they need
Making sure they are planning for the next tournaments ahead of time etc

But all they do is interfere.
How do you expect to win when your opponents have better players, prepared for much longer, have no distractions and better resources. Then you want to role out players to go do miracle.
( Am not just talking about winning 1 game, am talking WC, Olympic gold medals, etc)
posted: 03:25pm 27/06/2014
All the best guys. But Mr Yobo, you shouldn't have allowed these gullible press to know about the bonus issues, try and manage such things among your colleagues!
posted: 03:25pm 27/06/2014
lets hope so.
posted: 03:32pm 27/06/2014
big thank to super eagles crew .....super eagles just make the continent proud......Africa love u all.....
posted: 03:34pm 27/06/2014


technical adviser
posted: 03:34pm 27/06/2014
Now I can breathe well now. Thank you yobo. I haven't been myself since I heard the news. Since d differences Don settled by yobo. Enemy go shame up eagles go and beat France for us.
posted: 03:44pm 27/06/2014
Thank God for a cool headed Captain. If Maigari and his mob know what is goooood for them, they better fly in some cash ( ala Ghana) while the players are in training . We need to motivate our guys, not disrupt the plan. YOBO you are a blessed man.
Original Suya
posted: 03:46pm 27/06/2014
Greedy players. Holding the nation to ransom. Una head nor correct!!!

We are too quick to blame the NFF. This time, it is the players fault. Shame on you, Joseph Yobo!!! All you think about is 100 Caps. You're the Captain, can't you talk to the boys? If you're not careful, we will swear for you. Make you mind yourself o!!!

Update from Supersport:


African champions, Nigeria, failed to hold a training session in their Campinas camp base in Brazil on Thursday owing to issues concerning players' bonuses.

Supersport.com learned that the players demanded for the Nigeria Football Federation (NFF) to pay them bonuses for reaching the second round.

Rather than head for the evening training session on Thursday, the players opted to hold a meeting thereby forcing the Super Eagles head coach, Stephen Keshi, to call off the session.

Spokesman of the Nigerian team, Ben Alaiya, confirmed on Brila FM on Friday that the training on Thursday did not hold due to ''grievances'' expressed by the players.

However, the football federation agreed to part with $5,000 (around N800,000) each to the players to placate them. Another $10,000 (N1.6 million) was then paid to each of the players, supersport.com gathered.

The $15,000 (around N2.4 million) each to the players is believed to be for reaching the second round, which represents a win against Bosnia and Herzegovina and a draw against Iran.

But the players are asking to be paid the full $30,000 each (around N4.8 million) for the qualifying for the second round.

The NFF did agree with the players to pay each of them $10,000 as winning bonus for each of the first round games while they will earn $12,500 (around N2 million) each for the second round game.

The Super Eagles will get $15,000 each for the quarterfinal and $20,000 (around N3.2 million) each for semifinal. That will also increase marginally to $25,000 (around N4 million) if the team wins the trophy.

Just last week, NFF's Technical Committee chairman, Chris Green, denied reports of a rift over money in the Nigerian camp.

''When the Senate President, Dr David Mark came here to meet with us and the players, he was totally convinced at our sincerity with the players and what we have on board as the team progresses but some people are just hell bent on ensuring that they raise issues that don’t even exist.

''When we unveiled this before the President of the Senate who represented President Goodluck Jonathan, he was full of praises for us and promised that he will add a special bonus from government to the players and promised further surprises if the team goes far in the tourney,'' Green said.

It has also been learned that the NFF secretary general, Musa Amadu, is on his way to Nigeria to arrange for additional funds for the team.

The Nigerian team are expected to travel out of their Campinas camp base to Brasilia ahead of their second round clash with 1998 Fifa World Cup champions, France at about 2pm (around 6pm Nigerian time) on Friday.

© supersport.com

Source: http://ng.supersport.mobi/football/super-eagles/news/140627/Clouds_gather_over_Nigerian_camp
The Pontiff
posted: 03:50pm 27/06/2014
I no talk am? They have made their point and achieved their objective. So, its time to move.
Good play guys. The fans may not like their actions. The whole nation may have felt disgusted but they knew what they were doing.

It may not have done their image good but it was a preemptive action to forestall the ministry and NFF rogues from cheating them.

Big Boss is hiding somewhere smiling. Its a familiar scipt. Dont forget that if ghana and Cameroon just did it, we export this art to them many many years ago.
One Pound
posted: 03:53pm 27/06/2014
Stupid players if you like don't resolve it.I assumed you guys would have learnt from what happended to Ghana and Cameroon.It pains me more when I know that most of these players are on around 20k to 80k euro a week.They don't consider the fans who keep awake most nights to support and pray for them.i won't be surprised if mike obi if among the ring leaders of this coup da te'. Now to the corrupt NFF, I had assumed that with the likes of Jay Jay that things will improve in the glass house but it's like he has joined the bad wagon of \"let's share the dollar\".NFF is a disgrace, they should have sorted this out in black and white before the tournament
posted: 03:54pm 27/06/2014
Anyhow shall i can the joy is coming from bank alert hehe..lol #Big ups eagles
posted: 03:57pm 27/06/2014

posted: 03:59pm 27/06/2014
That's more like it,the spirit that's what i love and what the people want to hear,see and believe...thanks for realising that.#Big ups Eagles
posted: 04:00pm 27/06/2014
I think Mikel is the King Pin of this Disagreement, Hes the worst player; but the confusionist.

I glanced through some comments on Goal.com.UK by some foreigners, Series of Responses: Its Africa low mentality, Why Africa, Nigeria has joined the bandwagon, This is why africa do not progress in anything, Africa and Greediness, No patriotism.

Damn!.. We shouldnt blame the Referee or one stupid conspiracy that says they dont want any African team to cross teh Qtr Final. How can you cross the QTr, Final with players as average as Mikel who care about their self and not the happiness of 150million Poor Nigerians (170million) who derive their happiness from Football and who live below 1 dollar a day.

This guys are #####!!!****
posted: 04:09pm 27/06/2014
@ UZo said scouting Nigerian players home and abroad and bringing the OPTIONS to the coach to make HIS OWN selections. That is definitely not correct. NFF should make the funds and logistics available for scouting, but the coach is the one who should do the scouting himself or send members of his technical team he trusts. Do you not realise the reason we always have the willing represent us instead of the best is because there agents are always more willing to make a deal with our scouts? Almost every retired footballer in Nigeria has a player they are pushing for into the national teams. This corruption is our bane. Because of the money in football, no merit anymore.

YOBO you have had a good World Cup so far, please go out there and do us proud against France. If the coach chooses to restore Obaobona, support from the bench. After all this exemplary service, both on and off the field (helping bring George Abbey, Victor Anichebe and Emenike to the Eagles) some people like Game 147, never believed in you calling you Chakpako defender or whatever that means.
posted: 04:13pm 27/06/2014
Good. NFF and Federal Govt should learn how to pay them their bonuses on time to avoid this embarrassment and dimoralising issue of this nature. Footballers are not pensionable so the deserved their cash as at when due. Up Super Eagles.
posted: 04:17pm 27/06/2014
@danny. Abeg u have made ur point..u dnt have to go to the extent of telling us that Nigerians live below one dollar per day.. Are u crazy? 1 dollar is 150 naira.. So u live below that per day?? This is how u blv everything the white men will tell u.
Many of us here know the real truth, dnt come here to post rubbish.
posted: 04:17pm 27/06/2014
Hi we all should start making sure this big belly men stop disgracing our countries and continent, they get the money and then refuse to pay this Boys .This corrupt men should be Hung or put in jail. Maybe its time for FIFA to take over the payments of this players before they remit the money to those countries FA.
ola dara
posted: 04:23pm 27/06/2014
very positive news,the more i see and getting use to our jersey the more beautiful it gets day by day.Thank God i got mine.A Cypriot and an English lady also liked it and got there's as well.
they got the xx-large so they wear it without any skirt or jeans under it.
the best Nigerian jersey ever.
posted: 04:25pm 27/06/2014
Naijaobi. I dont care how much you make a day. But we cannot deny the fact that the skate of poverty is Overwhelming. I have been in Nigeria before so i know what im talking about; and off course im not believing anything the white man tells me because im not stupid.
posted: 04:32pm 27/06/2014
posted: 04:42pm 27/06/2014
Since am not present at their, i wouldn't like to point accusing fingers. However i am frustrated that this issue always crop up. My question is Y ALWAYS AFRICA? We dont get to hear this from other part of the world. There has to be a way to curtail this. AFRICA PLEASE WAKE UP!!!!!! 9ja dis na our tym
Original Suya
posted: 04:45pm 27/06/2014
It seems it's been resolved. Find below a tweet from Colin Udoh:

\"@ColinUdoh: I met with captain Joseph Yobo and a couple of other players this morning. They've made their point. Will travel and play #SuperEagles\"
posted: 04:47pm 27/06/2014
Since am not present at their camp**
posted: 04:53pm 27/06/2014
@Original Suya' thanks for the Supersport report. You are missing the point. Nigerian government gave NFF their budget (about $12 million) to prosecute the World Cup. FIFA promised every team in the World Cup $8m just for playing in the first round plus the payments go up if you qualify for the next rounds all the way to the final. FIFA also paid for flights and hotel accommodation.
So what is NFF doing with all that money?
So far they have paid out according to your report 23times 15000= $345,000. So who shares over $19m?
Ghana players asked for $100000 each for appearance fee. Cameroon got $104,000 per player, why is Nigeria different?
Do you think even poor countries like Costa Rica and Honduras did not pay their players?

The problem we have is greed. NFF will not negotiate fairly with the players before the World Cup because they know all the players want to play at the World Cup. The players will agree to peanuts before the tournament so they don't become scape goats. Why can't we find out the average of what other countries are paying and simply deposit the correct amount in the players and coaches accounts as soon as they arrive for the World Cup. The bonus can be paid after every match based on result. Nobody should blame Keshi or YOBO for this. The NFF should have settled this matter earlier, with a very fair package.

If we are so broke and we can't pay our players and coaches, why is the whole NFF, HALF OF THE SENATE AND MINISTERS IN BRAZIL?
Why is it always Africans that embarrass themselves with this nonsense?
Do you want the players to serve the country with LOVE, STRENGTH AND FAITH while our officials and politicians run away with the pot of Gold?
Is this not a clear case of Monkey dey work Baboon dey chop?
posted: 05:08pm 27/06/2014
If you believe tha yobo has pushed beyond his weight in this competition click like.
The Great123
posted: 05:11pm 27/06/2014
Africa and money wahala, na wah o............Just go and watch how Celestine Babayaro, Adebayo and co are enjoying this song https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dgFquI583cs
posted: 05:16pm 27/06/2014
If you believe that the wing backs are the weak links in the defence click like
posted: 05:24pm 27/06/2014
I believe our players will play out their hearts on more day and by God's grace,we will defeat France. bikonu,what's the update on Victor Moses? is he injured? or has he refused to play?
posted: 05:25pm 27/06/2014
I believe our players will play out their hearts on monday and by God's grace,we will defeat France. bikonu,what's the update on Victor Moses? is he injured? or has he refused to play?
posted: 05:25pm 27/06/2014
I am not surprised that Africa countries are the same in terms of our need and our thinking. Before we start to rain abuse on the hardworking footballers. Has anyone one of you carry out a study to know why we repeat the same mistake every four years without finding solution to this re occurring issues in our continent. It is easy to blame but knowledge is power.
posted: 05:25pm 27/06/2014
Hmm, Bad news, na wa o!
I think the issue here is lack of trust, the players don't trust our corrupt officials and they could be right. These guys are acting out of experience no matter how you look at it. So i will blame both parties (the officials and the players) in the sense that the officials should've avoided this scenario by making the fund available before now, even if it means paying them in advance no problem, since the same money will still be paid to them whether or not they defeat France on Monday; afterall there is no guarantee that they must beat France. Therefore they shouldn't be denied their payment if they fail to win. Again, it will also motivates them even more. On the player's part, like somebody said, this isn't the right time to take such action. They should've given the NFF a serious warning that if the money is not made available between Thursday & Friday they will sit out training for the remaining days before the match and am sure the NFF wouldnot like such to happen, instead of taking action immediately after they had the meeting.

However, for those of you accusing and insulting Yobo for being the one engineering the moves, pls stop sounding childish. Don't you know that Yobo is the leader of the team? For crying out loud he is their spokesman so whatever the players decides within themelves he will be the one to speak it out to the officials. Let's think before we talk. Hope these pple are not toying with this Golden opportunity to make history!!!
posted: 05:31pm 27/06/2014
Stupid, don't go to the venue remain there nonsense.
kola, us
posted: 05:55pm 27/06/2014
Tactics please slow your ignorance.

@slyman I don't understand what you're talking about?

$8 million will be given by FIFA , but has fifa done that?

Nigeria promised to spend $11million for this World Cup, but some of might not understand that when NFF was presenting it's case to the federal government the $8 million was taken into consideration. NFF to getting money up front for the $8million promised by FIFA.

The boys all agreed to a certain amount before the World Cup but why change their minds now because Ghana and Cametoon got a different amount.

This is the same team that won AFCON and were showered with houses load of money, I bet they all still have half of that left, but how soon can they forget what they got for AFCON and just imagine what they are going to get for making the next round, and if they can beat France.
I don't think dealing with money in Nigeria or anywhere is that easy, even in an emergency situation that is life or death, it is still a tough process.

Personally I don't know exactly what created or it's creating this problem right now, but I will say the players are behaving like ingrates, who has stolen their money so far and who is going to steal their money.
kola, us
posted: 06:03pm 27/06/2014
The money for placing with France goes up by $1 million, do now Nigeria is getting $9million so far.

The NFF in presenting it's case for money needed to execute the World Cup took into consideration the $9 million and it was used as leverage in securing the $11million promised by the federal government.

@slyman there is no $19million anywhere. The total money still remains at 11 or the $12million you referred to the deal is that the federal government will make profit on their investment if we go beyond the quarter finals.
posted: 06:10pm 27/06/2014
Some of us on this site are very funny. If some of you abusing these players are in their position you all will do worse than them, not with the antecedents of the NFF we have, and have had in Nigeria. Do we not use telephone with \"pay as you go\" contracts? Do we complain about that kind of agreement? Why should the players have to protest before they are given what is theirs by right?

An agreement was reached with NFF, the players fulfilled their part (by winning and drawing), so, why should it now be a problem for NFF to fulfill their part? Do NFF people have to fight before they are given their pay checks/salaries? If not for the players; who play the football, exposing themselves to risks of injuries that can abruptly terminate their careers, there would not have been estacodes for NFF and government officials to collect. So, why should it be a problem for the players to get their bonuses as agreed. We should

It is not a common thing to hear of players fighting over money in the Western world because the Western world, 99% of the time, honor their agreements to their players. Is that the case in Africa and other less developed worlds? The answer is a big no and we all know that. It is also a known fact that these players stand no chance of getting their bonuses as agreed if the competition ends. that is the reason why they want their money paid after each match provided they either win or draw. I don't think that is wrong by any means.

Who wants to be in a position of \"monkey dey work baboon dey chop.\" The players should be paid what is due to them by right because owun ti eiye ba je leiye ngbe fo. We may not like the players attitude but insisting that they be paid after each match and before they leave Brazil is in order because history has taught them a very good lesson.
kola, us
posted: 06:16pm 27/06/2014
Too many errors my iPad is acting up again.

The government has been very generous to these group of players so far. Why can't they use that to deal with the situation?
John (Geneva)
posted: 06:22pm 27/06/2014
Fine that our boys tried to sort out their bonus issues after qualifying. NFF please pay up. Time is due. I guess that this would not have been an issue if the NFF is trustable.

Corruption is like a cancer at home. It’s everywhere. Our politicians are getting paid for doing nothing. Why don't we ask our politician to get their bonuses, compensations or salaries after solving our power (electricity), water, road, school and general infrastructure problems. Do you know what? No politician should ever get paid until all our infrastructural issues have been solved and until Boko Haram has been completely wiped out and until our girls are back home.

The good news is that the boys have now apparently decided not to worry about this for now. Thanks to the team for carrying on. You are true patriots. Let’s go boys. We have France to beat.

Stay solid and fight to the end on the field on Monday. We are all with you and believe you can do it.

Up Super Eagles
posted: 06:24pm 27/06/2014
una dey shout Mikel Mikel Mikel what of Uzoenyi, Egwueke, Odunlami, Agbim and the rest home based guys, this money dont matter to Mikel but the rest home based guys need it more, so the NFF should either pay them or nobody should blame them for whatever happens. money wey dem say na people NFF wan chop am. this guys have families, why let them agitate for the money first before you pay them, agreement is agreement hoha!!
posted: 06:35pm 27/06/2014
I no go better for those from NFF who allowed this to happen and to those part-time graduate journalists,this is distraction to the highest order,God bless NIGERIA.
posted: 06:36pm 27/06/2014
SOK609, and his skipper, Joseph Michael Tambarin Yobo, are completely FOCUSED, on the task ahead.

The message is plain and simple to the NFF: fulfill your own part of our bargain!
Attention has been drawn to it, the whole world knows about it now and the onus, is upon them to be seen as being good administrators.

The reason am so exceedingly let down by those I honestly feel should have done more to nip these seemingly pity issues of unpaid allowances, in the bud before rearing it's ugly head; have done absolutely nothing about it, rather they concern themselves with cynical criticism, team selections and the gaffer's perogative of technical and tactical outlook of his team!
Am referring to former professional players and the Presidential Task Force - shame on them all, they've all been here before yet saw no need to curb the despicable trend.
We all know how the NFF, operate - if it's up to them no bonuses and allowances would be paid. But what about these other individuals, whom should have been seen to be working with SOK609, to achieve the best.
If they reckon SOK609's, job is so easy then let them signify their intentions, only then would they realise that it's not all, "Easy peasey, lemon squeezey\".

I hear that there is categorically no tension amongst the team and staff.
And that the unity and focus in the squad, is unquestionable; more so, am made to believe, due to the progression of the team to the Round of 16.

Am told that the training the team missed, was like a day off, used for pressing home their point.
Yes! If you have figured it out.
SOK609, gave them his blessing.

SOK609, is an asset to Nigeria.
A symbolfof a, "National Treasure\"!
I sincerely hope Nigeria, won't regret it, if his services are not retained
posted: 07:20pm 27/06/2014
@Kola us,I just enjoyed reading u right now.I never thought I would say it.
posted: 07:31pm 27/06/2014
Dear captain Joseph Yobo, the only thing that can make your 100 caps memorable is for u guys to give us victory against France. Anything short of that may not be good for enough for ur landamrk achievement.
posted: 07:32pm 27/06/2014
We still haven't been able to grasp the crux of this matter. NFF has fulfilled all their obligations based on the agreement had with these players, there is therefore no need to embark on this bratty attitude. The money from FIFA has not been paid, the money for the tournament will be released in batches. What they are fighting for is more money. Why now?

It is nothing but greed. The NFF has never in the past defaulted from their agreements, they may owe I agree. But eventually they pay. Now for those of you who are only seeing the smaller picture, I plead with you to see beyond the $30,000 that these guys are bickering over. They need to understand that the nation expects a lot from them. This is no time to get distracted over money, this is the time to concentrate and take their careers to the next level. A win against France with some stellar performances will earn some of them lucrative contracts in big clubs. At the end of the day, I will not get a dime from the money. They will be the ones to rejoice and get even richer. But greed of the immediate will make them forfeit the gains of the future.
posted: 07:38pm 27/06/2014
U guys better pray u beat france or ur nyashes will b grass after pullin this very stupid stunt knowing fully well no other continent pulls this type of crap,knowin fully well that ur playin for PRIDE not MONEY!...knowing fully well 95% of u guyz club careers depend on this tournament...keep squabblin over money that amounts 2 peanuts 4 most of u and ul keepin playin in turkey,norway,belguim etc instead of spain,italy,england...these guys need 2 get their priorities straight!!!...but glad they'v had their little tantrum n now r happy again cos now its time 2 sink or swim...but prepare 4 a storm if u fail after this little embarrassin tantrum....grow ass men wid deep enough pockets bitchin over money its pathetic!!!!
posted: 07:47pm 27/06/2014
@Essexgod, bro. We cannot be having day offs in the middle of a crucial tournament, when our opponents are training nonstop. We don't need a day off, infact going by the Ratings France should be the ones taking us for granted and taking time off to settle their rifts. But no, they are taking us seriously, training and preparing non stop. These boys have no excuse, Non!!!!
posted: 07:50pm 27/06/2014
U guys better pray u beat france or ur nyashes will b grass after pullin this very stupid stunt knowing fully well no other continent pulls this type of crap,knowin fully well that ur playin for PRIDE not MONEY!...knowing fully well 95% of u guyz club careers depend on this tournament...keep squabblin over money that amounts 2 peanuts 4 most of u and ul keepin playin in turkey,norway,belguim etc instead of spain,italy,england...these guys need 2 get their priorities straight!!!...but glad they'v had their little tantrum n now r happy again cos now its time 2 sink or swim...but prepare 4 a storm if u fail after this little embarrassin tantrum....grow ass men wid deep enough pockets bitchin over money its pathetic!!!!
posted: 08:34pm 27/06/2014
@Kononeme1 you are funny, "do well and nigerans will make sure you get your bonus\" are going to meet the NFF on their behalf. The guys that played USA 94 are stilled owed bonuses, why don't you go and collect that one first. Let these boys collect their bonus now o! Otherwise NFF go chop am and once these guys are out of the world cup even you so called patriots talking about national pride will not even remember these guys again until the next competition. #collectYourMoney #dontTakeNoSh*t
posted: 08:37pm 27/06/2014
Funny! I really cannot stop laughing - This is typical of the sort of attitude some of these \"so called\" professionals exhibit, Africans are Africa's biggest problem,imagine threatening a no-show at a world cup match? They should have been dared not to go and their demands refused, then we shall see what transpires, Do these players think they can hold the whole nation to ransom over money (even though they are all millionaires?) and not pay heavy consequences??, maybe they haven't thought that far - which again is symptomatic of the caliber of individuals we have representing us, who here can tell me that it is not obvious that the way a player like Messi, or Arjen Robben or Cristiano Ronaldo approaches their professional career and performances is very different to the way a lot of our boys do, I mean all you have to do is ask any of these players what their greatest goals in life are and then select any Nigerian player (among the usual suspects) to ask the same question - You will see that the two are thinking completely differently - The way a man thinks governs the way he applies himself in life - These guys are a disgrace and we deserve better!

Kola us - You are some sort of wannabe insider by some things you come out with or some sort of impostor, either way you mostly chat rubbish and I am convinced you are either a very confused person or have a split personality imbalance mix up in there somewhere, I don't know why but you seem to have appointed yourself to some duties here - You are bullying people here and there and putting yourself about a bit aren't you? but knock yourself out if that's what rocks your boat.. Hilarious!

keshinumberassunderbridge or what ever TF you go by, if you have an itch which wont go away, why not have yourself sectioned and do the world a favour! Plank!
posted: 09:10pm 27/06/2014
Despite dis ,som people will stil hav d ballz to insult u guys,well,guess it aint hard to tel who's jobless and who's not.Up keshites.
posted: 09:22pm 27/06/2014
@judgedredd is implyin dis is our players fault coz they should play witout gettin payed,then he insulted some keshites,includin myself mispellin my krested name,hahahahaha,now listen u rat,first of all my name goes by,keshinumerounonoshakin, ight
?secondly only a jobless man or an ingrate would suggest wat u suggestin d players should do,lastly,pleaseeeee get a ###### life,u really should leave dat witchcraft utd,u guys always seem sad,bitter,especially big boss just wont lose damn!u guys losin it bigtime,life is too short for una negativities.up keshites.
posted: 09:27pm 27/06/2014
Who is this Yobo, captain my foot, Enyeama is our captain. Just do all your damages and leave this team. Always money, he doesn't motivate his mates but always talking money..money as if he has never seen a dime all his life. I know the NFF members are as bad as you because they are all there for their pockets but this assignment is more than the 8 million you're all eying. I know good Nigerians who can do more than what FIFA is putting on the table if you guys are focused and get the job done. But look at how you've all cheapen yourselves, making one to lose interest in this tournament.
posted: 09:33pm 27/06/2014
Wat kind of a person encourages another person to not fight for wat they ve worked very hard for,for wat they ve earned?can we for once be sane on dis forum,someone suggested they should play for pride ,wat?seriously?judgedredd went as far as discussin about how much money they earnin,hahahaha this gettin too crazy,anyways up keshites.
posted: 09:52pm 27/06/2014
Honestly if they dont pay big boss and his boys they should just #### it lik for real,so nff can employ siasia and oliseh and can now invite d best legs lik taiwo,haruna,aluko and uche ,hahahaha,sry just had to laugh,so dat witchcraft utd can finally hav a reason not to commit suicide,if u work u chop fullstop,i know d eagles will win d worldcup ,but,if dem no wan pay,seriously u guys shouldnt play,do not worry bout how we feel ,cos trust me ,it aint worth it,u guys should play for d money only d money and make ur families happy,if u thinkin of makin us happy,then i suggest una visit dis site and see how unappreciative we are anyway.up keshites.
posted: 10:08pm 27/06/2014
Look at the mayee saying he promises they would train, board the plane and go play against France like we should be jumping up for joy and thanking them...THESE UNPATRIOTIC INGRATES NEED FLOGGING.

I support you demand your money (which was hard-earned)before or after the WORLD CUP. Once it commences, YOU HAVE TO FIGHT FOR THE COUNTRY AND NOT BONUS. IDIOTS, concentrate on football and stop emulating those that have failed and underachieved. MORONS!

posted: 01:50am 28/06/2014
Our opponents France have been listed by FIFA as having the best attacking stats.
62 attempts at goal,
8 goals scored
13 shots blocked
19 legend shots saved
23 attempts off target

Hopefully this will help us in our SWOT analysis of France.

Please take out their last match against Ecuador from any deep form of analysis because they rested their valuable assets to give their bench a chance to get a feel of the world cup so the outcome of that game isn't a model to determine what their true game against Nigeria will be. We need to study their first two matches against Switzerland and Honduras more....

From their first two matches we can learn a few things....
1.Every forward in the France team is a potential goal scorer so Nigeria needs to approach this game with attention to running at their players so they don't have time to think through planning their attacks....All balls have to be contested at all times....and we have to pay attention to making more accurate passes especially in the buildup to our goals....we can't afford to slack one bit because these are group winners in another group.
2.We have to learn how to play compact defending...i.e defending with a minimal-optimal set of defensive minded players that can turn possession around to a quick attack so that the forwards can then break into really fast breaks and precision counter attacking....No room for missed chances.
3.The Switzerland test against France needs to be studied most to see how Switzerland was able to bang in their 2 goals. The weakness in their defense needs to be found and fully exploited when we meet.
Their build up friendlies also will help a bit.
4. If we are able to bring in a goal first, we must not fall back....we must continue to press and press...so the coach should give them a minimum set of goals which they must score so that it backs up their mentality and keeps the boys from backing off and running back after we get a first goal in.

Hopefully Oboabona is more fit to play now and Moses is well rested because we will need the youth of the team on this one with the boys constantly running, constantly pressing, constantly playing.
We must also perfect the act of pressing the opponents and compacting/restricting the play space to the opponent half with our defense line at the centre while Omeruo stays behind the line to catch any fast breaks from the french.while Oboabona/Efe/Oshaniwa keeps thier antennae sharp also to break any build up to fast breaks. even though Efe and Oshaniwa will do good to overlap forward sometimes and track back fast once play breaks...
posted: 04:07am 28/06/2014
Byshop Joshua if you are reading this i want to bring to your notice that i read your responds to my comments concerning this great football nation of ours.I respect your views and positive responds to my comments and if you will observe closely i do try to reciprocate cause i fancy your mature style of write up.One thing you should know by now is that most reasonable fans that come here to criticize {constructive or non-constructive} the team,players,coach,technical crew and the federation body like myself only want a common positive improvement and to wish them the best in their various endeavors.Also i want to use this medium to thank those who created this platform for we football lovers to publicize our views,reviews,opinions and analysis because without you there will be no KON and forumites with their know-know habit.I also want to show my sincere gratitude to my fellow forumites who understand the reason why we are allowed to display pleasant/unpleasant utterances whether in letters or in any form of communications by using it positively,However i will not deny any accusations been point at me as i am fully aware of the statements made previously and presently.Thank you all.

Note{especially the unwise and bias fans in here}: If not for the critics there will be no improvements and adjustment in our day to day activities.If no Mr wrong no Mr right and verse versa.I am a proud fan and supporter to our great and dearest SUPER EAGLES any day any time and that is why i come here to pour out my agony on any Joy-killer involve in the Super eagles squad,camp and affiliated personnel.

From me your humble Futballe i say #Big ups eagles...
posted: 05:41am 28/06/2014
All the best guys, just do us proud and surely God will vindicate you all.
For more updates live from Brazil follow www.sdeionline.org

posted: 05:56am 28/06/2014
@Omo9ja is CONFUSED ,he has gone missin,hope it doesnt get worse cos even his own babalawo and his arometa sistaz are tellin him d force behind keshi go crush anyone ooooo,its obvious witchcraft utd is prayin we lose to france,cos i havent being readin any \"tactical and technical\" trash talk for a while now,man wey no go skool go hospital,e wan tel surgeon how to do surgery,no what?we just gettin started,we d keshites are already celeberatin our victory ovr france and d one after dat dont believe me?ask @keshi2.up keshites.
John (Geneva)
posted: 11:18am 28/06/2014
@ndu great writeup. U are correct, they are very good. We need to play more than our best to beat them. Its possible. We need to fight for every ball. We need to keep chasing them and don't give them any chance to build up. We should not commit any faults close to our box. We should not give them corner kicks easily. We were punished in the last game because of these kind of mistakes. In our last game one goal from Messi was from a freekick and the other from a corner kick. We need more chasers, Osase and Onazi are the only one doing that. We need to fight to the end

The good news is that we are the underdogs. A poll conducted by the French TV channel TF1 says that 90% of the French believe that their team is going to beat us. Let them believe what they want. We are going to show them fire.

posted: 01:57pm 28/06/2014
am happy when people prove their critics wrong....welldone babatunde u proved us wrong,i,inclusive....wish u quick recovery.
alot of negative comments have come up against mikel since the start of this worldcup.....i made a careful observation of the nigerian team,mikel is not the problem in the midfield...take it or leave it.onazi being a player who loves to chase every ball is gradually becoming positional indiscipline.....there by exposing the defence.....u dont expect mikel to attack in d same manner @ d same time.....he has to make sure onazi returns or make a stationary pass.......watch nigerian games at afcon and worldcup for comparism......keshi should caution onazi.....then we will have a coordinated midfield again....just my opinion.
posted: 04:19pm 28/06/2014
MY WC DREAM HAS FINALLY ARRIVED!!! Last night I had a dream that Brazil defeated Chile by 3 goals to nil. In the same dream I saw that the Super Eagles were leading France by 1-0 up to the 39th minute but there was too much pressure on the team and loosing possession easily to France after they scored. In fact, most of the play was done at the Super Eagle after taking the lead. I woke up at the 39th minute of play because the pressure was just too much. As for the bonus row, I am totally disappointed in the players and I have given up on them beating France. THEY KNOW THEY CANNOT BEAT FRANCE, NO BELIEF IN THE PLAYERS WHATSOEVER, JUST LOOK HOW THEY PLAYED ARGENTINA. NO IOTA OF SELF BELIEF THAT THEY CAN BEAT FRANCE THAT IS WHY THE ISSUE OF BONUS CAME UP. IF THEY HAD IT THEY WOULD NOT COME UP WITH IT. THIS WC IS FOR THE TAKING BUT THIS GUYS DO NOT HAVE SELF BELIEF. JUST LOOK AT THE WAY THEY PASS THE BALL TO THEMSELVES ----THE PASSES THEY MAKE IS CALLED \"HOSPITAL PASS\\\". NO CONFIDENCE FLOWING THROUGH THE TEAM ONE BIT. FOR ME I HAVE NO HOPE IN THEM BEATING FRANCE INSPITE OF MY EARLIER PREDICTION OF A QUARTER FINAL STAGE FOR THEM BEFORE THE WC BEGAN. THAT IS MY TAKE ON THIS SUPER EAGLES.
posted: 05:37pm 28/06/2014
Does this team have a reason to fight for a bonus. Our football body should have taken care of this. In the developed world, players do no have to worry about bonus. It comes in the form of a direct deposit wired into their accounts. Why do we have hundreds of officials travel to Brazil when there is no money for our players?
posted: 04:20am 29/06/2014
@judgedredd, you're on point. We seem to be making the same point. Our players are sorry to say illiterate and do not see beyond their noses. They don't grasp the the history they would be making if they succeed. So so sad, most of them are well to do, living in developed countries and yet still dumb as rocks.!
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