Semi-final tickets still available

Posted: 5 February 2013 Time: 03:49 pm

Africa Cup of Nations LOC spokesperson Sipho Sithole has updated on the ticket sales for the semi-finals.

Sithole reveals that just over 23,000 tickets, of 41,000, have been sold for semi-final match between Ghana and Burkina Faso, which will be played at Mbombela Stadium on Wednesday.

Around 45,000 tickets have been sold for the other semi-final clash between Nigeria and Mali, which will be played in Durban. Moses Mabhida has a capacity of 54,000.

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Nkata Offor 1 of Igbo land
posted: 03:53pm 05/02/2013
@zion2, tell urself d truth, me and u who is illiterate? Monkey, what is the job of Literate? u ar not wise enough, oooh u know am illiterate and u fail to correct me and be raising cause to ur entire families and be calling names? If u ar God den it will come to pass but if u ar not God, all what u think and said will follow u by 100 folds in Jesus name AMEN. I make my comments, I never mention ur foolish name, and u jump up because u hv taken dat South Africa drugs with ur painful hiv and aids infection inheritance. I am far far faraway better than all u and your entire generation to come, I will feed u all. @lappy and Topaz etc, those that wrote dictionaries and secretary of common wealth and UN Secretary, go and cure urself those famous virus u hv contacted. Mumu say Ghana will repatriate me? Hahahaaa, Ghana? Where ar u from self? And d type of work u does for living? I dnt like keshi with his coaching stuff, is not by force, I must love his laziness. I love Siasia and his talented coaching stuff, must i like what u like? i dnt look face to tell u d truth. What of if keshi lost that march of Ivorian? Can be here clamoring abt him? Did his previous performance good for you as coach? Anyway, no need of wasting my precious time with slave likes u guys. Idiot. wen i make my comment hv i mention ur name? God will definitely punish u, watch and see. This will be ur worst year ever
Champions League 2nd Star (Back-To-Back Double Treble Success)
posted: 03:54pm 05/02/2013
Around 45,000 tickets have been sold for the other semi-final clash between Nigeria and Mali, which will be played in Durban. Moses Mabhida has a capacity of 54,000
They thought Bafana Banana will go through..!!

Bafana Banana means half boys, half girls = ditharasi..!!!
Pep Guardiola - Bucselona Strategist
posted: 03:56pm 05/02/2013
Mara this retarded and inept decision of playing a semi-final at Mbombela really typifies how bad football administration is in South Africa. Safa is a disgrace
posted: 04:32pm 05/02/2013
We South Africans have decided to put our focus on PSL, to us AFCON is done and dusted, we will no-longer attend any games THANK YOU...
posted: 04:34pm 05/02/2013
Where is Mali, Nigeria, BF & Ghana supporters?? Let them buy tickets and support they country....See if we care!!
posted: 04:35pm 05/02/2013
Give those tickets to the izikhothane, they will burn and tear them apart for you.
posted: 05:55pm 05/02/2013
I dıd buy 2tıckets to Mabhıda game mara ı burnt them by mıstake, lol. That stadıum wıll be empty ı tell u. Three thırds of my pıps wont be there sobe sıka mom Ruby. Vele ı dont care anymore #### AFCON, PSL ıs at the door.
posted: 06:48pm 05/02/2013
I betbu even the final will have less than a full stadium. South africans are such sulking palookas. Their loss
posted: 07:55pm 05/02/2013
pls can someone send nkata offor 1 from this site cos i have already broken two ribs from cracking laughter like a broken congo record,right now i am just coming fron my doctors heavily bandaged,nkata offor nwane u go kill me with laugh o,pls abeg make u leave them alone my brother cos when nkata offor talk everyone go listen,cheeeeeeeei nwane,up eagles.
posted: 09:00pm 05/02/2013
CAF must stop giving hosting rites to all these countries without football culture.
posted: 09:05pm 05/02/2013
I look back to only a few days ago, how Nigerians were deriding their own team. Now everybody in on the bandwagon. It is such a shame that we start supporting our teams only after they are succeeding.
Most of us want to first see the unbelievable before we can believe. But that’s not how it works.
You must first believe, before you can achieve the unbelievable. We need to profess our faith and belief in our players. Then, they in turn will be lifted and inspired to believe even more in themselves and achieve great things.
Every time a Nigerian (most African countries too) player or coach is interviewed; they always said all they want is to make their people happy. Not so much for themselves, but for their country, imagine that. Sad that they sometimes don’t get any support or encouragement from the same people they are playing for - until they succeed. Lets put ourselves in their shoes and guess how it would feel.
I do not mean to say no one should critique a player, team, or coach. But if you’ve played any competitive football, you know it’s not as easy as it looks. If it were, we’ll all be professionals.
We don’t send some of our force out to fight a war while we sit back and watch, only to condemn or rejoice with them after the fact. We should all be in the pursuit together as a single force- no matter what.
We can be an accessory to our own demise, but until you have faith, you cannot move any mountains.
God grant us more wisdom. Amen.
posted: 03:39am 06/02/2013
I think this should be a lesson to CAF, SA is not a soccer loving nation like Nig, Ghana and some other African nations. They should put this into consideration when next they are organizing any other tournament..

Now to this moron Nkata ofor,, no one is forcing you to like anyone but at least show some respect. I personally came after you because of the way you have been insulting your fellow men in this site, especially Keshi. A man you knows nothing about.

If you don't have any reasonable thing to say, I advice you keep your smelling mouth shut.

As for your curses, I leave that one to you b/c that's the only thing you know.

Rise above hate! Nkita ofor
Tico MP
posted: 09:01am 06/02/2013
Pep Guardiola - Bucselona Strategist

posted: 03:56 pm | Report

Mara this retarded and inept decision of playing a semi-final at Mbombela really typifies how bad football administration is in South Africa. Safa is a disgrace
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