Super Eagles settle in Durban

Posted: 5 February 2013 Time: 12:08 pm

Nigeria's Super Eagles arrived and settled in Durban on Monday afternoon in preparation for their semi-final match up against Mali.

The Super Eagles play Mali's Eagles at the Moses Mabhida Stadium in the first of two semi-finals, and the Nigerian team wasted no time settling in.

The team failed to train on Monday, however, following heavy downpour in Durban.

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But head coach Stephen Keshi says the team must remain focused.

"Our task is to win the game, so we have to work very hard and not think about any distractions," he said.

Training is scheduled for 13h30 on Tuesday.

Article by: Colin Udoh

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posted: 12:14pm 05/02/2013
bring the cup guys
posted: 12:20pm 05/02/2013
gudluck guys....give us the final ticket , then the cup on sunday
posted: 12:21pm 05/02/2013
Good move guys. The last win is over now. Maximum concentration is the key, cos Mali is the next target. Hopefully, someone is already reviewing Mali's tapes from previous matches. This is Operation Focus, Focus and Focus. Massive attack, massive defense. May God Bless the Super Eagles.
De Bruin!!!
posted: 12:22pm 05/02/2013
This guys have surpassed my expectations, I never thought they'd make it out of ze group phase let alone skin em Elephants alive. Big ups!!
They playing entertaining football.
Tico MP
posted: 12:25pm 05/02/2013
end of ya road......i see mali in teh finals
posted: 12:34pm 05/02/2013
Shut up Tico,....u looser banana bananas love us or hate us, either way we still remain in ur mind
posted: 12:34pm 05/02/2013
Shut up Tico,....u looser banana bananas love us or hate us, either ways we still remain in ur mind
Good luck
posted: 12:36pm 05/02/2013
Our dear Super Eagles please Go all the way to the final and win the cup, God is with us and with God all things are possible for those who really believe in him. "Eniti arope kole pa ago ohun ko ile ala ruru\" the meaning \"The person we think he can't build a room now builds a mansion!. In fact, nobody even praise Naija team from the begining of this tornament but now God has lifted up high over our enemies. Up Naija! Up Super Eagles! Up President Goodluck Jonathan! God Bless us all!
posted: 12:59pm 05/02/2013
I do not care who win this one. Either Mali or Nigeria but I would like to see Burkina Faso winning the competition
posted: 01:07pm 05/02/2013
Well done guyz! Take it one step at a time, forget about the last winning and never think of final now,but focus on Mali and remember when it comes to a game you don't underestimate,even a bitch........Up super Eagle and God bless 9jiria.
posted: 01:12pm 05/02/2013
Focus and good use of goal chances would be the key to victory. Try to score many goals and defend properly, then victory would be ours . Up Super Eagles.
posted: 01:18pm 05/02/2013
Come on Super Eagles,Come on Nigeria, We can do this, Yes we can, just have the same faith you had when playing the Ivoriens, We want to see you in the Final God willing, GOOD LUCK SUPER EAGLES.
Khosi my Religion - 2012/2013 PSL Champions
posted: 01:31pm 05/02/2013
they would'nt have a problem settling in trust me! im sure they feel right @ home given point road which is 6km's away from mabhida stadium is nigerian stronghold. the chaos on the streets when nigeria qualified for semi's said it all. with all that said, goodluck to both nigeria and mali, may the best team win.
posted: 01:43pm 05/02/2013
I am sorry Super Eagles, I can't make it to Durban to watch you guys. But I promise I will be there in Soccer City to watch you guys in the Finals I have bought the Ticket Already.

See you in Johannesburg.
Cosa Nostra (5Families)
posted: 01:47pm 05/02/2013
Lil bit worried coz the focus is not similar as on the game against the elephants but i know super eagles will make it.Watching SE playing is like having a blowthing once her mouth reaches my ballz my eyes just close and when SE do counter attack my eyes shut.I can feel the ball in the net
posted: 01:54pm 05/02/2013
where is my man Game147? I never hear from u and waitin u tink, 9ja fit beat mali? I beg try say somtin dat is if u still dey alive oohh.
Benjy Soccer
posted: 02:14pm 05/02/2013
The squad that started against Ivory Coast should be maintained against Mali.........with the same style of play.....superior ball possession with fast ground passes. We trust this squad........God bless Steve Keshi and his boys ! Fly Nigeria ! From: Benjy Nzeakor (From Brazil) Football Observer and ex Professional Player
posted: 02:16pm 05/02/2013
DTC Spiritual Owner AKA Jomo Sono
posted: 02:26pm 05/02/2013
Beware of Pitriopa and Seydou Keita. These two guys have something is common and that is?

Answer; They are Talisman for their Teams.
posted: 02:39pm 05/02/2013
posted: 02:40pm 05/02/2013
Now the stupid Nigerians are happy .Before the game against Ivory coast they were complaining about Keshi these hypocrites and now they claim that they will beat Mali.In your dreams a.....holes,in your dreams.Go back to your burrows in Nigeria. Morons.
posted: 02:49pm 05/02/2013
you nalabi,
we 9girian we know that you hate us.., and we dont care.., you bafafa or banana, are out of your own cup, you better support us. your drream will not come true to see burkian winning the cup. even they bit ghana, i hope we go to the final and bid them too. God bless OUR SUPER EAGLE. YOU BANANA ARE SACK a loosers.
Benjy Soccer
posted: 02:54pm 05/02/2013
The squad that started against Ivory Coast should be maintained against Mali.........with the same style of play.....superior ball possession with fast ground passes. We trust this squad........God bless Steve Keshi and his boys ! Fly Nigeria ! From: Benjy Nzeakor (From Brazil) Football Observer and ex Professional Player
posted: 03:07pm 05/02/2013
@jipas, on wednesday, dnt watch d game. Watch genereations, eat your phutu or pap n. Braai + hunter. Let us enjoy our game! Up super eagles! Up nigeria!
posted: 03:17pm 05/02/2013
What disrespect by KickOff. These are Super Eagles, not just Eagles. Please re-write the headline.
posted: 03:50pm 05/02/2013
How can you respect a nigerian?
posted: 05:09pm 05/02/2013
They are not built for the kill....Please everyone hold on to the anointing oil for now.
If they were built for the kill, they would have killed Zambia and B.Faso in their group games but they let them both come back and tie the game. That does not show killer instinct.
They have played 1 good game out of 4, while you can say they are playing better when it matters most, it remains to be seen if they will get big head and lose their next game.
I say if they lose their next game then its all for nothing.
So lets wait and see 2moro what they do
I wish them luck but pray they dont get big head.
Ivory Coast took them for granted (based on their group game plays and suffered for it) no one will be taking them for granted again.
What they do from now on will define them as chokers or champions.

posted: 05:25pm 05/02/2013
Anonymous what do you know about football,You think say nigeria na mogu
posted: 06:09pm 05/02/2013
Benjy ,good to read you comments. I am a fan of yours, I remember your mesmerising moves as a right winger for Nigeria ,in the 80's, under late coach Chris Udemezue. I really want us to win this cup.
posted: 09:03pm 05/02/2013
I look back to only a few days ago, how Nigerians were deriding their own team. Now everybody in on the bandwagon. It is such a shame that we start supporting our teams only after they are succeeding.
Most of us want to first see the unbelievable before we can believe. But that’s not how it works.
You must first believe, before you can achieve the unbelievable. We need to profess our faith and belief in our players. Then, they in turn will be lifted and inspired to believe even more in themselves and achieve great things.
Every time a Nigerian (most African countries too) player or coach is interviewed; they always said all they want is to make their people happy. Not so much for themselves, but for their country, imagine that. Sad that they sometimes don’t get any support or encouragement from the same people they are playing for - until they succeed. Lets put ourselves in their shoes and guess how it would feel.
I do not mean to say no one should critique a player, team, or coach. But if you’ve played any competitive football, you know it’s not as easy as it looks. If it were, we’ll all be professionals.
We don’t send some of our force out to fight a war while we sit back and watch, only to condemn or rejoice with them after the fact. We should all be in the pursuit together as a single force- no matter what.
We can be an accessory to our own demise, but until you have faith, you cannot move any mountains.
God grant us more wisdom. Amen.
posted: 11:29pm 05/02/2013
Excellent admonition @Anonymous! Thanks for that wonderful reminder of what true supportership is all about!

Great to read from Benjy Nzeakor (if it's truly him) here too. He was one of the best dribblers (the right wing) in the Nigerian league in the mid-80s, but eventually went for greener pastures in Brazil........we didn't hear much about him again after about 2 years! The only thing I had against Benjy was that he usually over-dribbled! If you think that the young JayJay Okocha of the early 90s hugged the ball too much, then you obviously never watched Benjy Nzeakor play! He invariably went past his marker though, and was always entertaining to watch! I used to take off from campus (at Nsukka) to go and watch him play in Enugu whenever Iwuanyanwu Nationale (his team) came calling on Enugu Rangers in those days. Benjy are you still playing professionally?........LOLOLOLOL!
Great to read your thoughts here my guy!
Cheers and God bless!
posted: 11:30pm 05/02/2013
I saw a picture of one of our players taping his foot something which should have been done by a trainer. Even the smaller high school soccer team in the US have trainers who will tape the players foot before a game or practice why cant a national team retain a atrainer who can perform such duties. Except maybe the NFF have converted the money needed to do this things to bring their girlfriends to the match.
Secondly the rain should not have stopped the team from training, an altenate venue should have been arranged as a contingency perhaps an indoor arena. That is what good planning will do. A good planner think of all the ventualities and dont leave anything to chance.
posted: 02:21am 06/02/2013
@Jipas, you want to know how to respect a Nigerian? I'll tell you motherf.ucker that the fear of a Nigerian is the beginning of wisdom. One thing that still baffles me about morons like @Jipas is that they just can't talk to a white trash in the country where they live in tin and smelly ghettos as second class citizens and yet they have the balls to talk to Nigerians and other Africans. Librate yourselves first before trying to talk to a Nigerian.
posted: 06:22am 06/02/2013
Super Eagles go out there and win. God is ye guys.
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