Mikel 'upset' at missing QF

Posted: 31 January 2013 Time: 01:40 pm

Nigeria midfielder John Mikel Obi is distraught at the prospect of missing the Super Eagles quarterfinal clash against Cote d'Ivoire.

The Chelsea star, who has been key to most of Nigeria's best attacking plays at the 2013 CAF African Nations Cup, picked up two yellow cards during the group stages.

"I found out last night and I am so so upset about it," he told KickOffNigeria.com exclusively on Thursday morning. "I was really looking forward to helping the team get past this game."

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Mikel joins fellow midfielder Fegor Ogude, who also accumulated two yellow cards during the group stages.

But Mikel remains confident the team can do the job against the tournament favourites

"I'm very disappointed to miss the game. But I am confident that the lads can do the job without us.

"We have a good team here and the new players are working very hard. I have tried to take some responsibility and speak to them, motivate them and give them advice.

"I am sure they will do the country proud."

Article by: Colin Udoh

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Pep Guardiola - Bucselona Strategist
posted: 01:50pm 31/01/2013
Yaya was gonna make a mockery of you anyways, you saved your self the embarassment
posted: 02:03pm 31/01/2013
nigeria 1-0 ivory coast
ghana 2-0 cape verde
togo 0-2burkina faso
south africa 1-0 mali
posted: 02:21pm 31/01/2013
Ivory Coast 1 -- Nigeria 1, Penalty---Ivory Coast out, Nigeria in.
posted: 02:24pm 31/01/2013
Mikel kept Yaya Toure quite at Nou Camp in 2009, kept him quite in almost all the meetings between Chelsea and Man City clashes. Yaya Toure means nothing to Mikel. Mikel even distorted the 'almighty' Xavi Hernadez rythm in the 2012 two-leg ties between Barca and Chelsea. Yaya Toure means nothing to Mikel, you can tell from his body language. Ghana Vs Nigeria finals and Nigeria wins.....Stay tuned !
Letlhaka 10
posted: 02:28pm 31/01/2013
The super eagles wont stop the elephants.i cnt wait to watch this clash .
posted: 02:36pm 31/01/2013
I think you are good player but sometimes you can be dirty and uncontrollable with your short temper. You have only yourself to blame.
posted: 02:41pm 31/01/2013

Mikel has just 1 yellow card, I check caf official website yesterday and confirmed it
posted: 02:42pm 31/01/2013
dont come with lies here man coz you new from the beginning that two yellows u get suspention.. now u are talking kak
Good luck
posted: 02:42pm 31/01/2013
Super Eagles go all the way to the final God is with us and with God all things are possible for those who really beleives in him. Up Naija! Up Super Eagles!
posted: 02:44pm 31/01/2013
ramossposted: 02:03 pm | Report
nigeria 1-0 ivory coast
ghana 2-0 cape verde
togo 0-2burkina faso
south africa 1-0 mali

YEAH that could be good results
then semis Nigeria vs Ghana
SA vs Burkino

Final SA vs Nigeria and whip them.
Good luck
posted: 02:46pm 31/01/2013
Ihoza\" what is your problem with Nigeria issues? Please go to your South Africa kickoff and comment on your own banana banana teams on how to loose against Mali on Saturday. Useless people with bad pitch and empty stadiums
Good luck
posted: 03:01pm 31/01/2013
You south africa people are always calling naija drug lords, it is only naija that selling drugs? there is no any country in the world that are not dealing with drugs both America, Europe and Asia continents, just of recent Malaysia gives a britishman death sentenced because of drugs deals. Please stop your abuse and talk about football game in this site.
posted: 03:21pm 31/01/2013
@ Guilty
Should we go through, we will face Nigeria or Ivory Coast on the Semis boss
posted: 03:21pm 31/01/2013
Mikel has only one yellow card
posted: 03:46pm 31/01/2013
Fegor will miss the Qtrs and not Mikel. Mikel will sure battle Yaya in the heart of the midfield. My fear is who replaces Fegor becuase we need a figher who is fast as well.
Dr Ike Achilonu
posted: 03:49pm 31/01/2013
Caf official web site shows that mikel was not booked against Ethiopia. Check this out: http://www.afcon2013online.com/index.php/component/joomsport/view_match/48
posted: 05:10pm 31/01/2013
posted: 05:26pm 31/01/2013
Sorry Mikel.. well it's all gud. I will love to see how they play without your influence. I'm sure it will be better. Even if we loose, I just want to see a better game in open play that will satisfy me.
Omemma o
posted: 05:38pm 31/01/2013
Ppl that like to cal others idiots are the idiot. Like the name \"Detmolder\" sounds idiotic, I hv no doubt that he is truly a nonsense person, a big fool, idiot.
posted: 06:07pm 31/01/2013
We were gonna c de battle two African central midfielders,guthi naah wit ds poor referees
posted: 06:08pm 31/01/2013
We were gonna c de battle of two African central midfielders,guphi naah wit ds poor referees
posted: 06:10pm 31/01/2013
Where did this comes from?
What and which matches did Mekel got these two yellow cards from?
Kickoff are about to create reason some of us will start doubting their publications...
posted: 06:19pm 31/01/2013
If the Super Eagles need more supportters, the players on the bench should be giving Vuvuzuella, including Amokachi, and the Biggest Vuvuzuella for King Kanu.....I can select Street Boys in (Ajegunle Lagos) who can Trash those Ethiopian 6 Nill.
posted: 06:38pm 31/01/2013
If this is january fool by kickoff, i think they have achieve thier aim cos many pple that always criticize thid young man are now working their ass to do research about his yellow card. This guy will hold both yaya and drogba hands down. If its true, i think Keshi needs to start working on his (MIKEL) Replacement ASAP.


IC 0 V NIG 2
posted: 06:39pm 31/01/2013
Football and sport are all about friendship and not hate and ignorance.

I personally know more than 5 nigerians...that are hard working and brilliant academics. Apologies for all the drug refrences..its rather ignorant and uncouth.
Our two countries have so much to benefit from each other. and mutual respect is obviously key to that.
posted: 06:48pm 31/01/2013
Nigeria’s John Obi Mikel has just one yellow card to his name and he is cleared to play the crunch quarter final match with Ivory Coast on Sunday the Confederation Of Africa football has stated.

Wrong assumption

Mikel was presumed to have two yellow cards and there were fears that the engine room of Nigeria’s midfield will miss the mouth-watering clash with tournament favourites Cote d’ Ivorie.

Ben Alaiya Media Officer to the Eagles confirmed the latest development while he added that the team is waiting for the decision of CAF on another Super Eagles player Fegor Ogude who on his part has two yellow cards and might not be as lucky as Mikel to make the team for Sunday’s quarter final duel.

-There is no problem about Mikel, he will play on Sunday we are only waiting for words on Fegor Ogude before noon i will clear the air. Alaiya stated
posted: 08:07pm 31/01/2013
Why is there all this nonsense about player A or player B waiting on word from CAF whether they are suspended or not. Aren't the rules clear coming into the tournament? Everyone knows that if you pick up two yellow cards during the group stages then you miss the quarterfinals plain and simple. I don't know of any tournament where the rules are made up as we go. Let us endeavor to know the rules going in so as not to get bitten by the lack of preparation that arises from ignorance.
posted: 08:40pm 31/01/2013

Nigeria midfielder Mikel Obi is eligible to play against Cote D’ Ivoire in Sunday’s quarter-final match of the Africa Cup of Nations as the records of cards offences on the Caf website showed that he only got one yellow card, not two.

However, Fegor Ogude won’t be involved in the match as a result of two yellow cards he got in the group stage of the competition.

Mikel’s yellow card records on the site was only against Ethiopia in the last match that fetched the Super Eagles the quarter-finals ticket after they defeated Ethiopia 2-0.

Nigeria has the second highest number of cautions with 10 yellow cards while Togo has the highest number of cautions having received 11 yellow cards.

Other Nigeriam players that received cautions include: Nosa Igiebor who was cautioned in the 67th minute of the match against Burkina Faso for reckless tackle. Celtic defender Efe Ambrose also got two yellow cards and red card. He has since returned from suspension.

Ahmed Musa, Emmanuel Emenike and Godfrey Oboabona have also received yellow cards.
posted: 08:43pm 31/01/2013
Kickoff is always right. Mikel has two yellows and will mis against Ivory Coast.
posted: 09:00pm 31/01/2013
@gentleboyof9ja, if as you say he picked up a yellow card against ethiopia then he definitely has 2 yellows because he also picked up a yellow against zambia for a foul just outside the box. I remember it because at the time I was complaining that it was a needless foul.
posted: 09:12pm 31/01/2013
So I went to cafonline.com to review the individual match statistics. It is recorded that Mikel did not receive a card in either match against B. Faso or Zambia. There is no stats for the Ethiopia match.
posted: 09:22pm 31/01/2013
@Detmolder...it's your mother, father and all your stupid relatives whether dead or alive that are bloody idiots. U are an ignorant fooooooolll...u need to research from multiple sources posting here. Bloody idiot till ur miserable death
posted: 09:33pm 31/01/2013
Remember people, when a wise man argues with a fool, people from a distance can't tell who is who.
posted: 10:37pm 31/01/2013
@ijawmaninamerica, Exactly bro. It's imperative to be highly selective in categories of people to argue with. Abeg @mimi, where you dey sef ? I dey hail o. Keshi is somehow getting results heart-attackingly, lol. Nobody even gave Nigeria any chance of qualifying . The team is not doing badly at all, i didn't watch the Ethiopia game but i'm sincerely of the opinion that Nigeria had good games against Burkina faso and zambia. There's nothing special about Ivory Coast , Togo outplayed them and the match should have ended 2-2 , they beat a one-man ( msakni )Tunisia team and drew with Algeria . Emenike and Idaye will mess Kolo 'no-ball-control'Toure up . Stay tuned.
posted: 11:27pm 31/01/2013
: please read between the line before you comment. I posted this article to clear the air and was copied from www.goal.com. I indicated that at the beginning of the article and was CAPITALISED DUDE!!!! Thanks
posted: 12:23am 01/02/2013
@gentleboyof9ja, I believe I was agreeing with you based on your comments from goal.com. The problem is different sites show different match statistics so I don't know what to believe. If you were referring to my statement about wise men and fools, that was directed towards those who are here to insult others be they Nigerians or from other parts of Africa.
posted: 08:19am 01/02/2013
Mikel committed only one foul with a yellow card. Please, check the facts with \"cafonline.com\"!
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