Nigeria win warm-up match

Posted: 16 January 2013 Time: 06:55 am

A hat-trick from Ike Uche and assists by Ejike Uzoenyi inspired Nigeria to a 5-0 rout of Portuguese Second Division club SC Farense in their last warm-up game in Faro, Portugal.

John Mikel Obi scored with a penalty kick in the 5th minute after Ambrose Efe had been brought down in the box.

The goal seemed to jolt Farense back to life as Senegalese striker Sone Diop lead the onslaught against the Nigerian defence. Nigeria were unlucky not to increase their tally with Real Betis midfielder hitting the crossbar on three occasions.

With either side unable to score, the Super Eagles maintained their 1-0 lead by half-time.

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At the start of the second half, Nigeria made seven substitutions which seemed to pay off as Uche increased Nigeria advantage in the 75th minute, after being 'fed' by Emmanuel Emenike, to complete a counter attack which was initiated by Chigozie Agbim.

Ejike Uzoenyi's magic feet cleared the way to put Uche one-on-one with the opponent’s goalie, and the pacy attacker made no mistake as he put the ball past the goalkeeper in the 80th minute.

Uche completed his hat-trick a few minutes later after finishing a good inter-change of passes between Onazi Ogenyi and Ejike Uzoenyi.

In the final minute of the game, in-form Enugu Rangers winger, Uzoenyi set up Emenike for Nigeria's final goal in what was the last action of the game as the referee sounded the final whistle shortly afterwards.

Article by: Uche George Egbe

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posted: 07:14am 16/01/2013
Up eagles, atleast we are better than those country dat can't even beat norwegian team D, And given excuses for dere failure that they were reserving d goals for AFCON, Incompetence people!!!
posted: 07:16am 16/01/2013
Can this result be translated to ACTUAL during the Nations cup proper...?
posted: 07:25am 16/01/2013
@Super Eagles

Your Nigerian team couldn't even qualify for a stupid Afcon tournament not so long ago and Good-luck Jonathan made empty threats to close down your national team after being wacked in friendlies. Now you beat a bottom of the log second team and that makes you think you're special?

This Nigerian team won't even make it pass the group stages and your stupid excuse for a president will make more empty threats
posted: 07:53am 16/01/2013
Nigera second division club??and you happy let the games begin
posted: 08:06am 16/01/2013
Wishn dem al d best of luck bt pls try n beat zambia cos dia coach neva tlks well of nigeria
posted: 08:13am 16/01/2013
We are watching...
Noise or no noise, I am sure that the Nigerian team and the coach...remained a potential. My only problem is the unnecessary presure to win the AFCON by unreasonable fans... For science sake led cross our hands and watch... Those haters are our driven forces... Just call any player you know and led him know what the situation is...we certainly know it is not hate, but the case of previously hoping on us to deliver Africa which we have failed to do despite our capabilities that had cause us these from most Africans...
Led not misinterprete them, they loved us in the past, invested their trust and we killed their hope for Africa with our stupid misadministration and reactionary well as media misleadind acts...
posted: 08:26am 16/01/2013
@anti-zebra, but we are still better than ur country dat only qualify for a tournament simply because dey were d host.
posted: 08:36am 16/01/2013
Super_eaglesposted: 08:26 am | Report @anti-zebra, but we are still better than ur country dat only qualify for a tournament simply because dey were d host.
used to be better not anymore, accept that your naija team is play kak and yes bafana is play kak too so what I can not change that maybe you can change naija's situation.
MjeyB wa le Khosi
posted: 08:48am 16/01/2013
Super_eagles what makes you think your country is better? I don't see anything special about them.
posted: 09:00am 16/01/2013
This Super_Eagle idiot is really crazy. Beating second string of a team playing in second division, not even first division or the Premiership makes you think you will win the Afcon? In South Africa, second division is Vodacom League where high schools are playing.

Anyway keep dreaming. Ghana and Ivory Coast are the teams to beat in this tournament. Black horses will be Algeria and DRC.
posted: 09:16am 16/01/2013
Tone it down guys......our worries for sure is not Zambia, its not certainly going to be South Africa (Excuse me), Our worries is Ghana and Ivory Coast period !!!. Nevertheless, i hope the recent good games can translate into ACTUAL. If it does, Then Ghana and Ivory Coast have something to worry about
posted: 09:17am 16/01/2013
@elite, but we second division team wat of u dat even l6se to norway team D at home and yet is stillg have d audencity to comment, i we sit and watch on saturday as cape verde we whip dat ur banana banana team ass
posted: 09:17am 16/01/2013
Up Super Eagles.......(If you no like, go hug transformer abeg !!!)
posted: 09:21am 16/01/2013
I pray we meet u guys in semi-final dat we be a free ride to d final, though dat is even if u we qualify from the group stage.
posted: 09:25am 16/01/2013
super_eagle u are crazy o.. u are mad o *with that nigerian accent*
posted: 09:29am 16/01/2013
While Others win their warm-up matches with 5 goals, our cows loose én drw, they Don score goals then they r told to \"CHILLEX\" by d president himself, nxxx!!!!
posted: 09:29am 16/01/2013
Super_eagles, u wl b knocked out in the 1st round so that u go nd watch ur nigerian movies (wth those dwarfs) early
posted: 09:30am 16/01/2013
Let the game begin. All these noise of South Africa, Ivory Coast,Ghana,Nigeria,Zambia etc should be translated in the field of play. I have followed football for a long time and have found out that any team can spring a surprise. Mark my words...IVORY COAST MAY NOT FIND THINGS EASY THIS TIME.I have watched them boast and boast like as if they will just walk to podium without kicking a ball and collect the trophy.
mavisto Downs
posted: 10:10am 16/01/2013
I have learn one thing in football that all the supporters have big mouth, why? Because of the love they have for their respective teams or countries. You insult our bafana bafana its ok, but i promise you that we will suprise many. Don't read too much into those friendly games, you'll be disappointed. Who ever thought Zambia would win AFCON last year? Imagine beating Ivory coast. When South Africa won AFCON 1996 Nigerians claimed that it was because of their absence, they came back and they never won it since 1994, they are busy celebrating bronze medals and if it was Lesotho or Botswana celebrating that i would have understood, a country which calls its self football powerhouse its a disgrace or you desperate.
Black Jesus
posted: 10:28am 16/01/2013
Super_eaglesposted: 09:21 am | Report I pray we meet u guys in semi-final dat we be a free ride to d final, though dat is even if u we qualify from the group stage.
@Super eagles My guess is you are commenting from S.A,somewhere near Mariston Hotel to be precise just like the other half of your people living within our borders selling Cocainne.Bafana are bad yes but our economy still attracts you like flies to sh*t!
posted: 10:52am 16/01/2013
GA MAKANYE, If you are privileged like we are in Naija to be connect to the internet by virtually everybody, try and goggle Sc farense position and results before you compare them with your village countryside team. They are in second position and have virtually won all their matches, one of the oldest Portuguese club
Good luck
posted: 11:00am 16/01/2013
(Black Jesus) Nigeria are selling cocaine in your country and your country peoples use to buy it and smoking, that means your fellow country mens are not serious, why they don't sell it in Nigeria and other countries as yours? Beacuse they knows that your fellow country needed it for smoking even your president Zuma needs it a lot because it is most crime country in the world, look at how they just eliminated a great Lucky Dube. I wish your Banana Banana team meet Nigeria in this AFCON and we will surely beat you silling because you are always our wife and we will always ##### you! I rest my case , Naija forever!
Good luck
posted: 11:05am 16/01/2013
My brother Don't mind those South Africa idiot peoples even their president, they are always jealous of us, I pray we meet them in this AFCON so that we can teach them how to play football, idiot peoples.
posted: 11:15am 16/01/2013
One thing is certai here..south africa can not win the afcon..they dont av d potential to do it..Nigeria has d potential to do it, just like ghana and ivory coast..
Even after the afcon,it is certain dat south africa will not qualify for world
posted: 11:17am 16/01/2013
It is also very clear dat south africa cannot qualify for any tournament anymore unless they are the host..#fact
posted: 01:27pm 16/01/2013
Ok people enough with the insults please Nigerians and South Africans. Lets all enjoy the beautiful game. Some people visit KoN just to spoil for small talk, really? I won't name names but lets all stick to the game here.
posted: 02:10pm 16/01/2013
@mavisto..u sound very stupid! Hw dare u say that Nigerians are celebrating bronze medals? Hw many bronze and silvers have south Africa won rather than tthe fluke 1996 AFCON? Don't you ever equate Nigeria's achievements football wise to that of your mal-functioning BB ever again! Take a good look @ your players and tell me which of them look like a real man, instead they look like boys in old men bodies! Mxmmmmm
mavisto Downs
posted: 04:36pm 16/01/2013
@chesta Bafana bafana won 1996 the cup, 1998 came back with silver from Bakina faso lost against Egypt, 2000 came back with bronze in nigeria. There you have it my brother and i won't answer the part where you call me stupid.
posted: 05:49pm 16/01/2013
I do not seem to understand why South Africans just love hating on our team, the Super Eagles. I hardly find Nigerians commenting on Bafana Bafana, ooooooh I get it we are just too good for them and any news about us gives them high blood pressure. It will be interesting to meet somewhere in the tournament and maybe put this matter to rest when we beat you guys (again) in a Nations Cup. We have beaten Bafana at home and on a neutral ground so we can do it in their bacyard and then you guys can scurry with your vuvuzelas into your holes,
mavisto Downs
posted: 07:38pm 16/01/2013
@Anonymous my brother the reason we hate nigeria its because of your brothers who live here in our country, my brother your fellow country men 99.9% are selling drugs even their churches are smuggling drugs and the next thing they act like they are better than us. We hate nigeria with passion and worse part mid 90s we used to love it and supported it more than any country.
mavisto Downs
posted: 07:42pm 16/01/2013
@laomadon my point exactly my brother, this is not nice and there are kids who read these comments that we post. We need to stop these insults and support our national teams.
Me,myself and I
posted: 08:04pm 16/01/2013
Am happy that for once some good news is coming out of the SE camp, the combination passes and the scoring of goals has gone up, and that has been all we have been calling for, since we now have what we want its time to now back our boys in win this tournament.
posted: 08:54pm 16/01/2013
best of luck to SE
▌▌ Y1NKA ,¸¸,ø¤º°º¤ ᵀᴴᴱ'ᴼᴿᴵᴳᴵᴻᴬᴸ ╚ll╝
posted: 09:38pm 16/01/2013
▌▌✨Yiηkα ★

Though. Im not a massive fan of STEPHEN KESHI. Im still going to support Naija sha! : )

Hopefully. They'll keep this winning mentality, all the way to the end. I mean, till they're crowned champions!

....Oηє ℓσvє Nαιjα
posted: 04:28am 17/01/2013
These these SA again. Mavisto, that still is nothing. At least we're parading more medals than you are and we are of higher ranking. When was the last time SA beat Nigeria? 2004? Ever since you've been your whipping boys. You guys shouldn't even be talking
posted: 08:04am 17/01/2013
@mavisto, in economics there is something called the forces of deman and supply!!..those forces work together in every economy.Nigerians in SA sales drugs to your crack head brothers because they are junkies,stupid, idiots, lack of morals, bussy bodies and nonentities!!.Why are Nigerians not selling drugs in Nigeria, because Nigerians dont take drugs!!...Nigerians are sensible enough to know that it is bad, no matter our bad situation in terms of standard of living in the mist of planty, Nigerian youths dont resort to drugs!!...infact as old as i am (40 +) and having travelled wide and near, i have not seen any body paddling drugs in the street of Nigeria !!! is surely a bad business in Nigeria.I will advise you not to blame Nigerians in with your drug problems , your people are corruopted in manners and bad up bringing, you have the highest crime rate in the world, you have the highest prostitution and illigal baby making factory (ladies) in the world in other to gain government subsidies, your man are lazy and your women are easy virtues.SA was build by the white foriegners and i dont see you bragging about that!...Nigeria invested so much and our leaders looted our treasure in the name of SA liberation and solidarity during the military rule in my country.Therefore Nigeria hold SA reponsible for our dawn fall.During my university days in the ninety's, a whole lot of SA student numbering in thousands was trained by the Nigerian government, they recieved as much as $1000 daily from our givernment for thier up keep....therefore go and learn your history, Nigeria have sacrifed enough to south africa to be respected no matter what!!!...
mavisto Downs
posted: 11:11am 17/01/2013
@Anonymous my brother i hear you and at some points i agree with you but most of these crimes or illegal or what u have mentioned are caused by nigerians, South Africans when they were living in your country, did they sell drugs? Did they still anything or involved in frauds? We had problems before nigerians flocked in our country but now you guys made it worse, there very few nigerians who are doing honest business and we appreciate them because they are helping our economy. Look we have many foreigners here who are working hard and helping our country and we have welcomed them and love them, not that we hate nigerians but we hate what they are doing in our country and next thing you call us all sorts of names where as your brothers have contributed in what is happening. My brother Jayjay okocha, Nwanko Kanu, Sunday Olishe, Raphael Chukwu, West etc those were the players that made us proudly Africans. We used to love nigeria like our own country but since we received arrogance and insults from you guys, we changed now we hate it by passion and in our days nigerians are being arrested like nobody, because we alert the police of their doings. When you guys come here and do honest and legal business or find a good job you are welcome or even studying but crime no, we have inuf criminals already guys and now even community is tired and now they have taken law to themselves, if they find you selling drugs or killing someone, or doing any criminal activities you'll join your ancestors quickly, they'll stone you to death and that apply to everyone including South Africans.
posted: 03:55pm 17/01/2013
@ Anonymous, you laid out your points very clearly and intelligently, without any hatred while doing that. @ mavisto, I think you did well also in laying out your points, especially where you earlier observed that kids might be reading these posts from both countries. I perfectly agree with that. My opinion is that you are doing great in your country if what you do is hand over any suspect to the authorities regardless of where that person comes from. That will at least send a message that crime is not welcomed on the streets of South Africa. There is no excuse to be involved in crime and or drug selling. The drug users must also be handed to the police. Perhaps if they are locked up in the jail/rehabilitation, the drug sellers will not find them to sell to them, therefore they just might go out of business. Having said that, you Mavisto must realize that the Nigerians on this forum are not the same Nigerians that peddle or deal on drugs in your beloved country, South Africa. Therefore they may not be able to help in turning things around. Drug dealers will not have the time to be discussing football on this forum. Let’s not lose sight of this fact. So, if or when you call them drug dealers and they call you slaves, and both persons stylishly or gradually drag other fellow brothers into a baseless discussion unrelated to the fundamentals of football; then the primary reason we congregate via internet on this special forum is relegated to the background. For both Nigerians and South, we must not forget the reason we are here, IT IS TO DISCUSS FOOTBALL.

My humble suggestion on solving this issue is as follows. 1. Let everyone remain or comment on only stories that relates to their country or individual club side. 2, If you cannot abide by # 1 above, then you should be discipline enough to peruse others comments without necessarily typing in any response (I do this all the time. I read articles concerning South African clubs or Bafana Bafana. I enjoy it; observe their comments, and then move on to something else.) You don't have to comment on everything you feel. I believe that any comment one makes, gradually caves out a character for that person. And who says we can not one day meet ourselves physically. My 3rd and final suggestions is that, you may disagree with a fellow forum members, as that is the beauty of discussion, but you MUST NOT call him names. Just make your points or argument clearly without cursing out on anyone. At least let us have some dignity in respecting humanity, because WHEN YOU CURSE AN INDIVIDUAL, YOU DISRESPECT HIS ENTIRE FAMILY, BUT WHEN YOU CURSE A PEOPLE OR A NATION, YOU DISREGARD THE WHOLE OF HUMANITY.
Really, this will help, if I start with me.
posted: 04:14pm 17/01/2013

Well said my brother. Something i picked from your well articulated lay out; Nigerians in this forum are not the same Nigerians who do the drugs on the streets of SA, so why the batterring. Likewise, the SA in this forum are not the SA who are into drug smoking, raping, stealing, lazing around, Littering children here and there, etc etc etc.

So if the Nigerians and SA in this forum are not in those category, then why the bickering, then why the fight, then why the name calling.

Lets stick to football and hammer our goals into the net.

By the way, if you see any Nigerian doing drugs in your country-you have our blessing to finish him. Also if you see any SA consuming drugs in your country, - you also have our blessing to finish him. If you finish the drug seller and consumer, ohhh my, i guess we will not hear any story of drugging in this forum

Now back to football. I still state, Nigeria will beat SA if we meet in this AFCON.
posted: 05:13pm 17/01/2013
@mavisto - peace , well said, one love!!...note we are brothers in one mother Africa no matter the colour or race.@stanslinks - cool brother, well written and i learnt from you, keep it up!!!..@speaker - surely you are the speaker of this forum as well as a good judge...simply put we eliminate the bad guys and leave the good guys to enjoy our God given life..nice one bro!!
Omemma o
posted: 06:12pm 17/01/2013
While other ppl ar talking about the beautiful game \"Football\"
This stupid idiot that call himself “Black Jesus” is busy talking about
Cocainne. The way u ar obsess with this yr Cocainne, I hv no doubt that u ar taking it.
You ar a very big waste to ur family and ur Country, I’m truly sorry for ur family
mavisto Downs
posted: 09:06pm 17/01/2013
My fellow african brothers thanks a lot for your understanding and also not dwelling in my errors, its also going to help me as individual. I appreciate all your responses to what i posted and i also realised and acknowledge that i made some mistakes. Lets wait and enjoy AFCON and support our national teams.
posted: 02:27pm 18/01/2013
@mavisto Sincerely while reading from the initial i became so astonished with some of ur comments and the hatred you exhibited but coming to your last comment,i began to beliv that you are equally sensible.Population of Nigeria staying in Nigeria is over 160 million while i doubt if Nigerians staying in SA re up to 1million.Having said that,i am well aware that you ve not come across more 10thousands Nigerians in SA.Now the question i want to put to u is....Why will you judge the whole country by few you ve met?

I am however encourage by the understanding at last...It goes a long to showing that if we all could be a little bit more polite in our comments is gonna help us more...
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