Moses hoping for 'memorable' Nations Cup

Posted: 15 January 2013 Time: 07:04 am

Victor Moses is one of 17 debutants in Nigeria's African Nations Cup squad, and the Chelsea forward is hoping to make a splash.

The Super Eagles open their campaign on Monday against Burkina Faso, and Moses, who chose Nigeria over England, can hardly wait to get started.

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“I am confident of a good outing in South Africa. We have prepared well and, having missed the last tournament, wish to make Nigerians proud by the end of it.

"This is my first Africa Cup of Nations and I want to make it a memorable one. I want to play in every match, score when the opportunity presents itself and help players in good positions to also score.

"When all these (things) happen, they (supporters) can be sure that we are going to bring back the trophy,” he said.

Article by: Colin Udoh

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mavisto Downs
posted: 08:07am 15/01/2013
I got to be honest u are one of my favourite players in that Nigerian team. Good luck..
Glory Chaser
posted: 08:27am 15/01/2013
The second most supported National team this tournment. Call it a home away from home tournament.

I like the Nigerian's vibe at the stadium though such patriots! A bafana vs Nigeria Final could be described as a Joburg derby...hahaha.
posted: 09:08am 15/01/2013
@Glory Chaser...yes that vibe inside the stadium is sometimes more entertaining than what's happening on the field. I just hope the vuvzelas don't overshadow the spectacle of the supporters club.
Glory Chaser
posted: 09:38am 15/01/2013
@ ijawmaninamerica
Agreed! I think Bafana and Nigeria suffered the same feet. All the resources in the World but poor administration cost the team. They have a very good squad of individuals now, let's see if Keshi can see them achieving according to their potential. This could very well be one of the greatest AFCON tournament of the last decade. Only Cameroon, Senegal and Egyp are missing to make it a battle of the powerhouses.
posted: 10:41am 15/01/2013
Moses carry on am ur biggest fan here nothing do u my bro.. i got the ticket already mpumalanga here we come neslpread...
posted: 10:52am 15/01/2013
This Victor Moses is a patriot to the core. I love his courage and belief. Please you and Ahmed Musa should tear-up defences with your 'lightening-usein-bolt-speed' . Ahmed Musa sanu, please when you run pass defenders, look up and pick either Ike Uche, Emenike or Idaye to flash to ball inside an empty net. The SE players must think of Nigeria first and relegate personal glory. '' when spiders-web unite , they can tie-up a lion'' , shikenah ! .
posted: 10:54am 15/01/2013
* to flash the ball *
posted: 11:19am 15/01/2013
I love the Nigerians for making their presence felt everywhere they go, never have I seen a Nigerian team entering a competition to add numbers; they go for a long haul that is to win the tournaments they participate in.This means that whenever any team meets with the Super Eagles they must be prepared to battle for a draw or a dignified loss. I support individuals in the Nigerian team and I am saddened by the exclusion on Odemwengie and Bright Dike but the guys who are there are more than capable of doing their country proud.

I will be chilling with my Ogas laughing at the Xhosa commentary since Cape Town is not hosting games. The vibe will extend outside the stadiums too that I can assure you. Wishing all the teams well and hoping for the best display of African football full of skill and flair. Still maintaining the point that DRC will win this competition. I will support Bafana Bafana by default because it is my team but I am not hoping for much from them.
Good luck
posted: 11:40am 15/01/2013
Well done Victor Moses and the other players, May God gives you the victory in the AFCON. I want you to prove yourself. Naija forever!
Black Lion
posted: 11:58am 15/01/2013
Nijas be ware of the Ethiopians
posted: 02:03pm 15/01/2013
@Game147,, Moses is one guy i appreciate a lot
he is committed to the core osaze happen to be another guy with such attitude
to serve their fatherland they have no second thought the spirit is there
goodluck moses
League medal
posted: 02:29pm 15/01/2013
Moses used to give me tough times in FIFA12 when playing against Wigan, i hope he shines at this tournament, the last 2 tournaments did not produce memorable superstars.I hope this one will live up to expectations, somehow im glad Egypt didnt qualify, they play pathetic football as the rest of North African football, without flair, though i salute Mohammed Aboutrika.The players i want to see shining are:Serero(SA),Moses(Nig) & Gervinho(I Coast), though they are already playing for biggest teams in the world.
League medal
posted: 02:43pm 15/01/2013
I forgot Kwadoh Asamoah, look out for this boy.Teams that will reach the semis:Ghana,Ivory Coast, Nigeria & a suprise team/South Africa(provided we bench our current captain & Tshabalala).
posted: 04:18pm 15/01/2013
Moses, i salute ur patriotic courage. Nigeria didnt do anything for you, they even robbed u of ur parents, but u chose to serve ur father land despite everything. God bless u.
posted: 04:31pm 15/01/2013
@Luis-hero, Osaze used to be like that before the story changed. No one is comparable to Moses in terms of patriotism. This guy lost his parents to those idiots from the North and still pledged 100% loyalty to Nigeria.......that's a rare behavior because personaly, i would never have done that been in his shoes. God bless you MOSES, may God Almight grant you all your heart desires. Moses is simply a warrior.
posted: 04:34pm 15/01/2013
* God Almighty *
posted: 05:44pm 15/01/2013
Victor made a good decision.
posted: 06:22pm 15/01/2013
No matter who is wearing the Green White Green, we are united as one. Victor, when Eagles play, they carry the hope of the largest black nation on Earth. Although you may have lost your parents, you have now gained a whole Nation. In our millions we are with you. Let's go and CONQUER. Go Eagles GO. Slyman
posted: 06:42pm 15/01/2013
He is very gud player but i here he is afraid of hard tackles so i will tell black star coach lol
Me,myself and I
posted: 07:02pm 15/01/2013
Ths dude is nice, my rating of him is high dribbling is 10/10, passing 10/10/, crossing10/10,positioning 10/10, combination passes 10/10, speed 20/10 I over passed him on that one anyway, I would have loved to see him in the mid field position, to bring the ball forward more quickly, his dribbling would be an asset in displacing defenders, so that the attackers would be able to just score goals, but I no mr the super eagles is mine, will not see it.
posted: 08:42pm 15/01/2013
Victor we're all with you in prayers, may the Almighty God crown the Eagles as African Champion on February 10, so that we celebrate with this my man Moses who dumped the three lions to play for his fatherland in spite of what had happened to him.
posted: 11:28pm 15/01/2013
@atosandy and Game147 I think that story about Moses loosing his parents in far away Kano or so during those moments of madness that struck the north may not be true afterall. Was watching on live transmission today in a sport's program, Sports Splash on a Lagos based station when the lead presenter stated that the story of Moses' family dying in a riot is purported and possibly mischievous that his parents actually live in Delta State, I think. Needs confirming though.

As for Moses and the Afcon, he appears mentally balanced and does not need much psyching. If we have two more players with such disposition even I may confidently announce that the cup will soon be in the hands of Mr. President. Thumbs up.
posted: 12:34am 16/01/2013
@commonsense, It happened at Kaduna in 2002. My cousin ( a lawyer ) , practicing in Kaduna almost lost his life with his whole family. Forget those 'radio-without-battery-Journalist' is Lagos , 'pesin wey never enter plane before go sidon one place dey tell you wetin dey happen for America'. Abeg tell me the name of the lead presenter who said Victor Moses parents live in Delta State, he/she needs proper interrogation. Anyway, let's stick to the subject. Good-luck to Super Eagles.
posted: 12:36am 16/01/2013
* in lagos *
posted: 12:39am 16/01/2013
This is going to be an interesting Afcon Just can't wait for it to start....Saturday is just around the corner,will be watching almost all the games. Don't think there's any weak team.. Though I have no high expectation on the SE I'm predicting the winner of 2013 Afcon to be either Côte d’Ivoire,Ghana,Nigeria,South Africa,Mali,Congo,or Tunisia.....
posted: 03:07am 16/01/2013
Good to see Mikel playing as an attacking midfielder. I hope he uses this tournament to rediscover his talent and leave that 'funny' club called Chelsea.
posted: 03:21am 16/01/2013
@Commonsense it was a true story both parent lost there life in kaduna
posted: 06:37am 16/01/2013
@Black Lions don't worry, we are...
posted: 06:53am 16/01/2013
We retain the cup outsiders
posted: 01:47pm 16/01/2013
i wish you good luck victor moses
posted: 01:02pm 19/01/2013
Great attitude. only great players will talk about scoring goals and creating the chance for others to do same when not in the position to score. This is what is called the very right team spirit which is always needed to excel. Go on Moses, who says you can't be the messiah that is badly needed at this point. We love you Moses.
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