Keshi: Players must earn their places

Posted: 17 December 2012 Time: 09:28 am

Nigeria coach Stephen Keshi says players must earn their places as preparation begins for next month's African Nations Cup.

With an avalanche of Europe-based players expected to converge at the team's Faro camp in Portugal, Keshi has moved to reassure the domestic league professionals that they will be evaluated on merit.

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“I have said it time and again that I don’t have preference for any set of players and I will be giving any good players the chance to play in my team," Keshi said.

"My selection will be fair, and it’s up to the players to prove to me they want to play,” he said.

With the Nigerian league having been on break since October, there are worries that fitness issues may cost the local players their places in the final squad to South Africa, but Keshi says that might not be an issue.

"Because of their conditioning, we will focus on mostly fitness training to start with.

“I still have a lot of belief in the home-based players. I have been working with them for almost a year now and they have shown that they can compete with the foreign-based players.

"Any player that wants to play for Nigeria in the Nations Cup will have to be of high quality and must be ready to give a lot of sacrifice by giving his best to the team. That goes for both local and foreign pros,” he said.

Article by: Colin Udoh

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posted: 12:28pm 17/12/2012
Very lame statement.. You played lots of friendlies and qualifiers and still don't have a standing eleven.. smh.
Good luck
posted: 01:07pm 17/12/2012
In fact, Timmy0 You are right, I don't understand this Keshi issue, you have played many qualifiers and friendlies still yet he doesn't have starting eleven, still making experiments while Nation Cup remain just few days to kick start. In fact, Sport Minister has spoked well saying that the Government didn't expect much from this present Eagles. Keshi has nothing to offer Nigeria, they should call Samson Siasia back, because he is the one that can build solid team for Nigeria if they could have patience with him,
posted: 01:17pm 17/12/2012
I dont understand this Siassia issue.. ! If he is so good why cant he get a new high profil job?
posted: 01:47pm 17/12/2012
nawaoooo,, people stil dey mention Siasia name? if he was that good, why didn't he qualify us for the nations cup.. abeg leave matter for Mathias..
you guys should give Keshi a chance, the guy knows what he is doing... according, 17 pros has been invited already, meaning that Keshi knows 90% of players to parade....mean while he has to keep things low for now at least to psych the remaining home-based lads.

“The invitation letters have been sent out to the players and their clubs, but they have also been told to keep it quiet until the list is made public probably by Friday,” a top official disclosed.
posted: 02:00pm 17/12/2012
Good Luck, I am surprised you are still calling for the return of Siasia, do you mean he should come back and start fighting with his players again?. If he is good enough he could have got a club or national team to coach since he was relieved of his duties about a year ago. He was good but could not qualify the senior national team for just the Nations Cup(our birth right). Siasia is good for the Flying Eagles no doubt about that, but not for the Super Eagles.
posted: 03:03pm 17/12/2012
When you have (many) good players there's nothing wrong in giving them final assessment to choose the best of the best. Please!!.. enough of this Siasia matta.. he has no business in SE, unless he is there to contest for no7 shirt too... the camp is open.
posted: 03:22pm 17/12/2012
@ kimo I also read that Mtnfootball report, and I am really disappointed. It seems to me that 6 home based have already been guaranteed a place in the championship. How does he know that 6 will be good enough when today is the first day of training. This quota system will not help us. I only want the best to represent us, no matter where they are from. Are these 6 better than the Euro based who may not make it like Aluko, Martins, Kalu Uche, Apam, Haruna and Osaze

I am not saying the home boys are crap. Some of them deserve to be there on merit like Gabriel Reuben, who was voted man of the match against Malawi. Egwueke also did well in Liberia. But we should not cuddle the ones who are making the team struggle like Oboabona and Uzoenyi. We have better options from Europe and we should integrate them into the team now. Ask yourself this question, is Oboabona better than Apam in central Defence or Leon Balogun at right back (watch them play and decide honestly)?

I don't know about you, but I really want us to win this Afcon and go on to represent Africa at the Confedrations Cup In Brazil in June 2013. Slyman
posted: 03:24pm 17/12/2012
Why una always dey go backward?make una allow keshi do his job.
only kick off naija I no pple sabi coaching Job more than d coach himself.
If una sabi d job, why una no apply for it or go coach 3sc n co!
Sia1 time don pass. Na keshi time we dey so! If keshi do well, he go stay and
If e no do well, dem go commont am.
posted: 04:47pm 17/12/2012
I thought this website is a platform to discuss football issues and share ideas. There's nothing wrong in discussing or talking sport. No one is imposing players or ideas on the coach and as a matter of fact Keshi may not even have time to peruse this site or any other related sites . We Nigerian's enjoy discussing gives us joy. Abi una won mek dem close kickoff mek everybody go sidon for him domot ?
posted: 05:12pm 17/12/2012
@ Slyman i totally agree with you, but remember that each time the eagles fumble with the euro based, we the fans blame the couch for not involving the homebase players who are more hungrier and eager..
about Apam, i think he needs time to get back to fitness, he just recovered...
posted: 05:37pm 17/12/2012
some players are just lucky,, and some bad luck just dey follow them.. players with good luck eg Shola Ameobi - 0 goals in 10 games, but still considered for nations cup while Kalu Uche has been left out since 2011 despite his performance at the 2010 world cup, his last appearance against Zambia he scored with his brother Ike. club wise he has bn impressive so far with 6 goals in 11 appearances.

lest out also we have Martins, 6 goals in 12 games, while we have players like Ejike Uzoenyi on the list..
posted: 05:42pm 17/12/2012
John Utaka.. I hope to see you on the final list
posted: 06:02pm 17/12/2012
Keshi has invited 23 home based players plus Fegor Ogude so far and he is expected to invite a further 17 foreign based players later which will bring the total number of players to 41.
This looks more like a screening excercise with the nations cup barely a month away.
Smart keshi already has an excuse for failure "he is rebuilding\"
posted: 08:26pm 17/12/2012
Spoton in Keshi's Defence, he can't just invite 6 home based players for training. They need to be enough players to compete against each other. The sad thing is we can deduce those going to Afcon from this group because of Keshi's precedence. They are most likely goalkeeper Agbim, defenders Egwueke and Oboabona, midfielders Reuben, Uzoenyi and Fengor Ogude.

@kimo, Kalu Uche has scored 9 goals in 15 in the Turkish league. Only Ideye 13 and Imoh Ezekiel 10, have more goals in Europe. Plus he has a brother in camp already, that should make it easy for him to settle in if Keshi chose him. Slyman
posted: 10:41pm 17/12/2012

Yeah you are right it also has something to do with luck. Martins,Utaka, Kalu Uche and Ameobi are all good players.

But maybe Keshi thinks that Ameobis hight makes tacticaly more sense. which makes somehow sense.

Another problem is that: Moses, Musa, Ike Uche, Emenike and Brown are all top strikers. I am especially i huge fan of Emenike. The guys isnt the most inteligent striker but damm dangerous. I just pray to god that he will play a good Afcon. Our Striking Department is the only place where there are no chances for homebased in my opinion. But you never know... I mean if Keshi sees something in a 19year old Homebased striker....My God lets do it.

The only thing I want from Keshi is that he shouldnt make many changes.

But i somehow have the feeling that Keshi allready has his team in his head. His strategy with the homebased makes perfect sense because they have the time to start preps now. But max 10. Homebased will only make it. I hope that we will take more Homebased, because I believe in training camp-Spirit and what is possible when players are used to eachother. Trust me the eurobased invited to camp , I will say that 90% of them will go to SA2013, because Keshi knows that there is not much time.
posted: 10:45pm 17/12/2012
Keshi is the first coach for a while who has clear plan. Amodu was alos a really good coach but his mistake was not build a strategy towards the homebased.

Wait you guys will see Nija has the best players in the world. I dont mean the eurobased..... We have talents, raw ones
posted: 12:56am 18/12/2012
@blackpanther, How many of the conquering Zambia players were/are homebased players ? Players who ply their trade outside Zambia cannot be termed as homebased. Most of zambia players are in TP Mezembe while some are in South Africa, Chris katongo is also a professional. Don't use Egypt as a reference because their league is standard and they are just Africans by geographical location. We need the best legs .
posted: 02:13am 18/12/2012
Ohh my GOD my english is so bad sometimes, I hope that everybody can understand what I meant?


I just wanted to say that we should focus on players that can afford to be in camp more than 1 month before our games. And the Zambia players in Congo can do that. I am not sayin that we should use only Homebased. My point is that not every player in europe is automatically better than a player in africa.
The fact is that most of our top players in europe are strikers. But our defenders/middlefielders in europe are not allways soooo good. I know that A Defence with Efe,Yobo,Elderson,Apam? is top but we also need a plan B. Thesame thing goes for our Middlefield. Apam is a risk so we need to think ahead. what if Elderson and co. get injured than what? Its a unique chance to have a set of good players allready in camp now. lets focus on them a bit more and mix them with our few stars!!
posted: 04:35am 18/12/2012
Some people here are talking about strikers,defenders,midfielders,while some are busy typing down The Constitution of Nigeria in the name of their favourite Super Eagle players who will go to AFCON and pick up the Cup without even participating in the tournament.Do we really ask ourselves a simple question?.

We are very excited to be in South Africa but we are not even worried that,we the fans have not seen any beautiful display by this current coach over a year now.How many coaches in the history have won a football competition with \"kick and follow\"?Don't be deceived by low tag Liberia.Liberia has never been a football power house in Africa.

If we have a good coach,we shouldn't be talking about rebuilding at this 11th hour.Nigeria has what it takes to come home with this Cup.Heartland FC of Owerri would win this AFCON hands down with a well qualified coach,let alone Super Eagles.Kick and follow is not the answer guys.A quality skilled coach has always been an important success in football and it takes a skilled coach and couple of "STARS\" to win a tournament,That's why clubs goes to a high skilled coach and stars.I have seen our over talented Stars but I haven't seen a skilled coach yet.

We don't hesitate to express or snap off our judgement over someone or criticizing the failure of others.For those of you who are busy criticizing Siasia.He has proven himself in African and in the world stage in soccer.He has the Medals & Ribbons to prove it.Where is Keshi's medals as a head coach,I mean,even with Under 13?.Going on record of coaches who have teasted a FIFA finals.I would rather have Siasia by my side at this critical football time than Keshi.Thank you all.
posted: 07:16am 18/12/2012
^SIASIA IS GONE....DEAL WITH IT!!! Stick with what you got and make the best of it. Don't even underrate Liberia.....they beat Ghana 2-0 even with all their stars. Let Keshi do his thing.
south south
posted: 08:25am 18/12/2012
kimo u a right i luv u 4 dat first comment. even de brazillians refer deir home dan der so pride. uncommited foreign best. becos to improve ur leaque. some advance country prefer h bases dan foreign players not becos home basea is good dan foreign but because de in inprovement in are leaque an dat is wat nigeria needs.
posted: 08:29am 18/12/2012
We shall see!
posted: 09:07am 18/12/2012
@stanslinks,LMAO.We shall see indeed.The Sports Minister has distanced himself from Keshi's team,likewise many other EX Super Eagles who knew what a winning team looks like before a competitive tournament.I'm with them.My only advice is,have a high expectations in Super Eagles at your own risk.
posted: 09:25am 18/12/2012

I was myself shocked that Siassia couldnt make it at the Top-Level he mad some funny mistakes. at the end I wasnt backing him anymore, because how can play a Important game with 8..strikers and 4 real defenders? Or even his management pissed me of: We were more focused on an Argentina friendly than our important qualification matches..... And what time schedule did we had in mind when we flew to asia to play argentin the second time... Why play against argentina twice?... i had really high hopes on Siassia!!

@Apiripah again: 6 - 1 against a team that could beat Ghana at home?? Hope you knoow that were or are better than Nigeria in recent years.... Whats your problem? 10 - 0 would be normal i guess. Please dont watch too much cartoons. I am not saying that we are perfect but we can say that with Keshis strategy there is progress!!!
posted: 09:33am 18/12/2012
Keshi is heading to his sack. Hw can a reasonable coach ignore most of his foreing based players becos he wants to pave way in marketing some local lads to europe? I read this mornin in one of the sports dalies dat he invited only 17 foreing pros and has the intention of takin 10 homebased players to afcon. Within myself I allready knw d names of d foreing pros he invited of which an ogenyi onazi is among, onazi is a gud player no doubt about that buh for d future not now. I would hv prefered to see a haruna lukman who can deputise nosa igiebor. The onli home based players dat can make it to afcon re gabriel reuben,ejike egwuekwe,solomon kwambe and chigozie agbim. If ejike uzoenyi makes it to afcon it will surely bleed my heart.
posted: 09:50am 18/12/2012
@south south:

Maaaan you mentioned a very important argument why we should focus more on the Homebased!!

It will help our football infrastructure a lot. I dont but I somehow have the feeling that our raw young talents are stayin maybe 1-2 years longer in Nigeria after they were discovered. Back in the days our players left Nigeria directly.

The fact that good players in europe are better than the ones in Nigeria remains!!

But But But we need to focus on homebased because:

1. I dont know if you guys noticed that Nigerians... Africans have huge potentials waiting to be discovered!

2. Our football infrastructure will benefit from it also.

3. The pressure on the Europebased will also increase dramatically! Look at how Martins, Taiwo, Utaka, Musa, Lukemann, Elderson, Obasi, Odemwingie, Kalu Uche, Aluko, Ike Uche, Eneramo and.... are fighting for a shirt now. They are playin good football at the moment. Look at how the eurobased played against Liberia...

4. Before the Homebased knew that they will never get a realistic chance so therefore their motivation was low. But now they know that they will be given a realistic chance. Which is good I think.

posted: 09:52am 18/12/2012

welcome to the future(Onazi)
posted: 09:59am 18/12/2012
In Keshi we trust and i believe anyone who is mentioning that loser siasia in here at this point in time is not a super eagles fan. Bad luck,you've shown your true colour, shame on you and others like you as know you're a Zambian or south african pretending to be omo naija. I think keshi should rethink and bring more foreign players than 17 if he wants nigeria to celebrate in febuary in south Africa. As i said in my previous post here, Keshi can only afford to bring 4-6 local players if he wants to make history in afcon2013. Am please to learn that Kennth Omerou and the son of Apam were all going to faro, with the team.
One thing i can assure all nigerians, keshi stays regardless what happens in South Africa. Nigerians are ungrateful people that is why people wont let the man do his job. We can give him an advise but the bottom line is he's the coach and we all have to respect him, after all he has done a good jub so far , All he's doing is to have that team that will make us proud . Go super eagles Go
posted: 04:09pm 18/12/2012
Carry on "BIG BOSS\".. we will be backing you with prayers. irrespective of the outcome AFCON you have come to stay because there's still a lot of work to be done.
posted: 05:14pm 18/12/2012
@dharleBrown.....lukman Haruna is no better than young Ogenye Onazi, after the kid is Lazio in serial A wjile Haruna is in ukraine league.We have others like Gabriel Rueben, Nwakwo Obiora and Chekwube who can play the Defensive Midfield roll for us better than Haruna. Onazi deserve to be there as has been part of the team that qualified for us and a better gifted player than Haruna. Keshi can still invite both of them to traing camp. Right now, i just wishes the BIG BOSS would have a change of heart and give more Foreign pros the chance to prove what they can do. I'm confident we're only taken 4-6 Local Eagles to AFCON.
posted: 05:18pm 18/12/2012
@CharlesBrown...sorry 4
posted: 06:56pm 18/12/2012
Anyone that thinks that the raw Ogenyi Onazi is a better player than Lukman Haruna must be joking.
posted: 08:04pm 18/12/2012
@Mimi, Na you be this , abi my eye dey deceive me ? E don tee no be small.
posted: 08:12pm 18/12/2012
Siasia's name would keep coming up, weather we like it or not.. for one reason, he has true fans.. Its takes only a great few to see and like a coach so badly, lets forget the pay and cars he had, the ground was set for him to fail and for all we know, the nff didnt even give keshi a proper contract until we qualified for the nations cup, so what are we saying. Siasia and keshi both had interview and we were told back that that siasia's plan was miles ahead of keshis. Im not hater of keshi but in a scale of comparism, i chose samson. He is my own version of pepp, Keshi has been lucky all his carrer and has not throphy.. NOT ONE, not even wafu cup to show and here we are calling him better. All he boasts of is qualifying togo for the worldcup, like that is a big deal, senegal also qualified, same as Angola, why arent their coaches in top flight positions. African football or playing against african opposition isnt a yardstick for me. Our local players are terrible, truth be told, for a better part of their initial appearance all they did was to play their hearts out, when the matches started coming in trickles they fumbled, why?, cause they lack technical know how, both coach and players. Keshi would go to the nations cup and do his thing, fumble and mumble his way, but the fact still remains that Nigeria has gotten to a point where getting bronze and silver or qualifying is not longer an issue, what we want is good football. We want to be like spain or brazil or germany.. thats what we had in siasia, football with efeazy.. If you dont agree with me, thats not an issue, but look at chelsea's owner, abramovich, he keeps sacking becos, football is no longer about the trophy, its about how to win the trophy. Keshi can play dirty football and win, but thats for the FA to enjoy the bonuses, what the fan enjoys are the dribbles, thrills and goals, we want to talk about new players and move away from jayjay or kanu or yekini.. not this so called homebased players that are all above 30.

Sorry its rather long.
posted: 10:55pm 18/12/2012

Ohh my God... I cant stop laughing. Good to know that we prefer attractive and beautiful football, but could beat Guinea at home to qualify.

Abramovic..... heeheheeehaaaa funny guy Yeah you are right Abramovic didnt wanted to win against Bayern and Barca because they didnt play nice football... Thats why he sacked DiMatteo hehehe Ohhh my GOD please help me... I beg Lord please better help this forum!!

We want to be like Spain, Brazil.....aaaaaaaaaaand wait a second hmm which team can we compare with Brazil and Spain..... Argentina....noooooo ohhh wait Germany????? Nigerian german football?? I beg laugh don kill me!! That is what we had under Siassia????? Hallo are you ok?

Football is no longer about trophies is about how to win the trophy....... hmmm ok
I think I will just give it up.. I cant help you and your technicall know houuuwww

TimmyO 4 life!! Your are my new advicer now!!
posted: 03:01am 19/12/2012
@Game147, na me o. I haven't been posting comments here for some time but I normally read the comments and of course I haven't failed to notice your humorous
As the AFCON draws near, this site promises to be exciting. Looking forward to seeing Nigeria's Pep Guardiolas, Jose Mourinhos, Arsene Wengers and Alex Fergusons display their UEFA Grade A coaching credentials on this wey sabi coach from their sitting rooms.

Happy Holidays to you and yours my brother.
posted: 05:29am 19/12/2012
I like Couch Keshi, but don't have 70% confidence on his couching style yet. Maybe after the first and second matches then I can make my judgement. Nigerians will not suddenly change who they are (lovers of this game to a fault. Football funatics if you like). They will not be smiling with any couch that disappoints at any tournament. As for this present Couch, he definitely would still be rebuilding by 2020 if you give him the chance. He knew how much time he had before the AFCON begins. We don't have a 1st eleven not to talk of blending the players.

As for Siasia, he brought stability to the Super Eagles, He was extremely confident, though had his own shortcomings which included always discussing internal issues of the team with press. Some things would have been dealt with internally without the involvement of foreign bodies. This gave the opportunity to politicians who started meddling into the internal affairs of the team. Overall, I think his strategy was better; however our impatience ruined the whole thing.

However, in the spirit of not crying over spilled milk, as all mortals are not able to take back the hand of time; while we display our freedom of speech through \"constructive criticism\", let’s fervently pray and wish Couch Keshi and the entire team success.
May God bless the Super Eagles.
posted: 07:23am 19/12/2012
Story, ignorant and lame ass coach. Ya'll asking why didn't siasia qualify nigeria for the last nation cup ? was he the one that lost the first match that made us work on a tight rope ? Go and compare all d games siasia played coupled with the tactics, formation and compare it with what keshi has been doing for more than a year he took over. Tell us how many goals d so home based players has scored and how many of them has been signed by an european team since keshi invited them to camp or how many of them has been singled out as a super eagles prospect ? are we not enjoying the discipline samson siasia fought hard to bring to the team today ? or was it keshi's hardwork ? who made victor moses, sidney sam and shola ameobi to commit their future to nigeria, was it keshi's sweat ?. Were is the enyeama, odemwingie and the self declared pro dickson etuhu ?
The players that samson siasia took to the netherlands in 2005 and 2008 olympics didn't they all made the super eagles ? were is ur golden eaglets players of 2007 or the flying eagles of 2011 ?....... Damn ass and retarded forumites.... ( only to those who like to speak evil about siasia) Tell us how good amodu or keshi is and explain to me what they did that is better than siasia's effort ? As long as u remain in nigeria you will never be able to differentiate between professionalism and ignorance. Retarded nation!
posted: 11:53am 19/12/2012
@chuka, saying dat onazi is better dan lukman signifies dat u dnt follow the xploit of our europe based player.hw many matches hv onazi played in seria A dis season? Haruna plays regularly now dynamo kiev has a new coach (blokhin) and he performs very well wen played behind a striker. Haruna is a modern day midfielder who can play anywhere in the midfielder most especially as an attacking midfielder. Onazi is a gud player buh he is still raw and has a lot to learn. Onazi is for the future not now
posted: 06:38pm 19/12/2012
@blackpanther187 im not surprised some ppl just watch football for the goal. I wont argue with you much, but tell me if there is any player or team in the world that is celebrated but lack finesse. Messi, Ronaldo, Iniesta, xavi, just name it.. Barcelona are celebrated best not just because of trophies, but how they make football fun, why does arsenal still have loyal staffs.. even Alex ferguson said football is evolving from goals to brand of soccer, Great teams are known and labeled with their pattern, German Machines, Branzila samba, spains tikitaka, etc.. laugh all you want, but the joke is on you. Ever wondered why players like messi and ronaldinho have sold out contracts, and players like milito or samuel eto who are reckoned goal bangers still fall behind their pecking order? Football is moving to a mid-field game.. gone are the days of 4-4-2. 4-2-3-1 is becoming a winning trend.. thats evolution.. keep laughing. We may be lucky like zambia or chelsea, good for us, but we made our super eagles name when we played with flair.. we were 5th in the world becos we had finidi, jayjay, amunike and co.. dont worry.. just keep laughing..
posted: 10:15pm 19/12/2012
@Timmy O, I don't think Keshi is a crusader of beautiful football. This is his time , so let's support him and our dear SE.
posted: 11:37pm 19/12/2012
TimmyO, good one bro. You the only one i've seen that is to thinking with due respect to other forumites that makes sense in terms of giving good analysis of the games siasia played compared to other jokers like amodu and keshi
posted: 12:05am 20/12/2012
@Timmy O you and few others are the guys making sense here. I am probably older than some of you bar a few so I may have more knowledge on Super Eagles. Keshi to me is not a good coach but a lucky coach with talents at his disposal but not seeing it. If he is lucky, he may get to the final but does that not make him a good coach. I pray he is sacked before we get blown away in the World Cup qualifiers. That is when we may be paired with Senegal, Cote d ivoire, Ghana etc.

How can he see a player like Aluko watch him here
and decides that Gabriel or Uzeonyi and even Onasi is better than him. The guys is no fluke cos he is doing same thing in English Championship. Some poeple will say it is not premiership but the Championship is similar quaility to all teams in the premiership aside 6, any team in the championship top half can beat any team in premiership aisde top 6. Hull, Cardiff, Bolton, Birmingham etc can beat Newcastle, Westham, WestBrom, Swansea, Everton.

Siasia would have picked his team by now. In fact Keshi can, but he is a politician and wants to sell players that is why he is taking them to Faro for Jamboree. He knows the 5 or 6 local players he is going to select why not pick them and let them fight for shirt with another 21 foreign based and then make your final 23. Sia did not fail, Eguavoen failed us by losing to Guinea + NFA that did not even know the qualification criteria. We would have settled for 2-1 rather than looking for 3rd goal that exposed us to concede. It is obvious our strength lies with the Foreign PROs because without them, we would not have beaten Liberia silly. I still hope we fluke our way into final but until Keshi shows purpose and plays a brand of football that is not heart-attack football without strategy, I am not in support of him.

posted: 01:13am 20/12/2012
Winning without a clear cut strategy (a deliberate plan) is like postponing the doom's day. Some prefer just the iceing on the cake, while others like me, want the FULL CAKE. I think Nigerians want a winning team, not just an Afcon team. Until we see a consistent winning partern. A style that is formidable and concrete, A couch that has the ability to read matches as swift as possible, make tactical changes that produce results not just efforts; the couch will not receive the love and support he should enjoy. My staetment is not personal against Keshi, it is consistent with natural laws.
posted: 08:54am 20/12/2012
@ Elder,,, you want Keshi to be sacked? mmmmm i stil bend down dey read your comment which i find difficult to comprehend. my question is if Keshi is sacked who do you propose to replace him? Siasia or foreign couch? as for me, no more recycling so Siasia is not coming back at least for now. then if na foreign couch you want, my brother remember Oyinbo no be oyinbo ooooo!! Berti Vogts and Lars Lagerbäck didn't take Eagles to the promise land. all im trying to say is that make we learn to appreciate our own, Arsene Wenger & Mourinho started from somewhere. so far so good, the super Eagles havent lost a competitive game under Keshi, we qualified for the nations cup and we are topping our group in the qualifiers for the world cup.. Keshi might not be the best couch in the world but i believe there is always room for improvement, if we keep sacking and replacing couches, that will only do us more harm than good,
posted: 01:23am 21/12/2012
Now that I have seen this video of Sone Aluko . Please somebody tell me that this guy is going to be in camp for Afcon or I will pee on myself now. My legs are still shaking. If this guy is not invited to camp, wallahi-tallahi that means person don chop bribe, shekinah! Unless his eligibility is in question.How can any couch spend one full year just to pick out 23 best players? Thats rubbish. I AM VERY VERY DISTURBED NOW.
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